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Characters from the Fire Emblem franchise undergo some forms of changes
This choice: Cordelia grows more mouths in unexpected places.  •  Go Back...
Chapter #230

Cordelia grows more mouths in unexpected places.

    by: Shortyboss
As soon as Cordelia finished drinking the second lipples potion, she felt pain erupt throughout her body.

“AAARGH!” Cordelia screamed from all three mouths as she collapsed, writhing in pain.

“Cordelia!” Miriel called out with both heads. She tried to step forward and help, but she was forced to shield her eyes. Cordelia’s body glowed as her duplicate reappeared, and both of Cordelia’s bodies were thrashing about in pain.

“Miriel!” Anna yelled as she ran into the storeroom. “What happened?! Is Cordelia okay?!”

“I don’t know,” Miriel said with her right head as the light began to die down. “Cordelia drank a second potion in an attempt to remove the alteration, but it appears to have had... negative side effects.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” said Anna as Cordelia’s screams faded into whimpers... and Miriel could hear more than six of Cordelia’s voices crying. “What potion did she use?”

“The lipples potion,” said Miriel with her left head. “I believe Cordelia has grown even more mouths than before.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right,” said Anna as she knelt down next to one of Cordelia’s bodies.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Anna said, resting her hand on Cordelia’s shoulder as her moaning slowly stopped. “You’ll be okay. Can you stand?”

“I... I think so...” Cordelia said weakly, speaking with all of her mouths simultaneously. As she stood up with both bodies, Miriel and Anna saw just how many new mouths Cordelia had grown.
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