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Characters from the Fire Emblem franchise undergo some forms of changes
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Chapter #50

Est wants to use it

    by: TheCloneO
Seeing the newly transformed harpy in their group, Est was entranced by Clair's new form. Clutching her spear closely, she watched the bird-woman's descent from the top of the stairs with a goofy smile on her face, her brain clearly working overtime imagining what else the Altar could do. Noticing the way their pink-haired sister was acting, Palla and Catria shared a knowing look with each other. The green-haired knight spoke up first, "You doing okay there, Est?"

Jumping a bit as she was startled out of her imagination, the young woman turned toward her sister while blushing, "Y-yeah, totally. Why do you ask, haha?"

Est's sisters could clearly see the sparkle in her eyes. "You're imagining what would happen if you used the Altar, aren't you?" Catria asked plainly. "It's painted all over your face," Palla needled with a slight smile.

"Only a little..." the pink-haired flyer lied, trying (and failing) to stop being such an open book.

"It's clear that you really want to try it," Palla stated before continuing, "If you really want to that much, we won't stop you. But remember, by our agreement before we left Zofia, if you use it, all three of us will."

"I wonder if the Altar would change all of us the same way, or if we'd end up different..." Catria mused.

Thinking on Palla's words, Est hesitated. As much as she was burning to see what power the shrine could give her, the hidden meaning of her eldest sister's words was not lost on her. If she dragged them into transforming with her and it ended up doing something horrible to them, that decision would be on her shoulders for pulling the metaphorical trigger. However, seeing her other friends and how most of them seemed to be reacting positively to their own changes, Est couldn't see it turning out badly for the three sisters. Resolving her mind, she spoke up, "I know this is a big decision, but can we please use the Altar?" The pink-haired girl looked at her sisters with pleading eyes that they just couldn't refuse.

"Very well," Palla acquiesced. "How about you go first then?" Catria added, giving her tacit agreement.

"Thank you!!" Est squealed happily. "I swear I'll make it up to you guys!"

Running up the stairs, the youngest sister slowed down after she reached the top, then stepped to the middle of the pedestal before kneeling down and praying.

"Oh Skylord of old, hear my prayer... Please, if you find me worthy, grant me your strength!" Est prayed earnestly in her mind.

Once again, a blinding golden light descended upon the young falcon knight, and her body began to morph while nobody could see her. What did Est become?

You have the following choices:

1. Est becomes a Hydra

2. Est turns into an Angel

3. Est transforms into a Chimera

4. Est turns into something else

5. Even more options

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