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What would you do with a machine that creates size-changing portals?
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Chapter 2

Portal Devices

    by: Unexpect   More by this author
Portal devices are mass produced, expensive devices that allow two-way portals of different sizes to be created.

• The device is hand-held and easy to use
• The device can create a stationary entrance portal (human height) and a smaller exit portal (as small as half an inch) to the desired locations.
• Anything moving through the large portal will end up shrunken when exiting the small portal.
• As a safety measure to prevent giants: The manufacturer's made it so nothing normal sized can move backwards through the small portal. (Don't worry! Read ahead)
• Portal devices can connect through the internet to participating camshow models.
○ This means you can take a portal over the internet and shrink directly into the hands of a streamer/model.
○ Receivers are much cheap, costing only a few thousand dollars.
○ Receivers are password-protected and have cutting edge encryption software.
○ It's set to "opt in" by default on a lot of stream software. Some innocent streamers/models might not know theirs is turned on.
○ There are underground vore/crush/snuff sites that have models eager for "volunteers" to play with. It pays quite well, so many aren't concerned with the tiny person's innocence.
○ Intro models of the device cost almost as much as a mansion

Modded device

We're not done yet! Mark is the first person to successfully hack and modify a portal device! Here's some info on it:
• It's unstable and may cause strange things to randomly happen. Go crazy! 1
• It can hack into internet portal receivers, bypassing firewalls & password protection.
• There's no limit on how small or large a portal can be.
• The portals can be created from an infinite range away.
• The portal can be used to grow someone! Just create a human-sized entrance one and larger exit.
• You can use the device to maneuver the portals after they're formed. This will let you move them over stationary objects such as people, buildings, or entire cities.
• It can optionally mind-control anyone that comes through the portal in any way the user desires.
• The device can used to open a dimension to the world of an anime/video game.
• It can optionally clone someone passing through it.

General info

Because of the high price of the portal device itself, Middle-man services for portals have grown in demand as more people have started using receivers. Portal devices are often leased or rented out to businesses and normal folk who can't afford to outright purchase one.

Business-grade portal devices can be connected to portal-compatible computer servers, and they're commonly networked with fee-based kiosk PCs that will let you access a restricted version of the device. The administrators can set rules for the device used by customers to prevent accidents or misuse. The most common rules involve limiting the portals based on money paid, and forcing the portal entrance to be created near the computer that accessed it.

Some use portals simply to travel quickly due to same-size portals not being available yet. Some people use them just to get to work quickly, growing themselves back using another portal at the exit location.

Using a portal to regain normal size immediately after teleporting thousands of miles is risky: It can have some negatives side-effects such as being stuck at a small size for a long period of time. It's recommended to wait at least 24 hours after a cross-continent teleport, sometimes a few days depending on the distance. In some cases people have been permanently stuck in a shrunk state.

1  It might stop working, leaving the portals shut closed or left open indefinitely. It also might randomly bestow extreme durability to the user. It could even change the location of where the portals are while it's being used.

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