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Can this hero handle these corrupt divas? Or will he end up being putty in their hands?
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Chapter 2

Lucha Libre

    by: Goodvibes   More by this author
         Mark sat down on the bench, absently mildly licking an ice cream scoop. He checked his phone, conversing with a friend about the villains of the city. Which Mark had first hand experiences in, seeing as he was Magic Man. The defender, and object of desire to all villainessess. He chuckled at his friend Damien's responses.

"I'm telling you, Bubble Punk can take down Cheersquad with just one bubble. She would just sneak up behind her, and pow, stucked into a sticky situation."

"That is discouraging the fact that Cheersquad could easily make another copy of herself out of the gum."

"Yeah, but if Bubble Punk covered her completely,she would have her!"

"Fair point."

"Man, we're only on two of those super babes,dude. Lucky guy that Magic Man, isn't he?"

"I think you're giving him a lot more luck than he deserves." Mark texted back. While it was true that having a bunch of super villain ladies after him is fun, Mark did note the downsides.

          Most of the girls were either very polite to him, jumpily loving,or civil in trying to get him in the bed. Others however, were much more willing to do some terrible things to him if he got captured. Kaboom! blowing herself, and him, up. The Squisher growing into an immense titan to use him as a butt plug. Shrinker keeping him as an captured animal, in some jar somewhere. The list went on with the girls, luckily they mostly fought against each other for his body. Which Mark still felt guilty about too, were they innocent people before the succubus?

         That was not even beginning with the crime spree that came with them. Each new villain giving Mark more tactics to remember against her. Was it his fault that his city was going to the dumps?It did however spark tourism for the fetish crowds. Come see the woman with the growing ass or twin sex from a multiplier! Mark still felt a tremble in him, even his joking didn't alleviate his mood.

          He also noted the reason this began in the first place was because of himself. The succubus would've never given those girls powers, if Mark didn't save her. But, it still felt sorta right, he could never leave an innocent person to be hurt. Mark licked his ice cream more cautiously, looking at his friend's texts. Suddenly, a crash echoed in the distance.

"Got to go Damien, something just happened " Mark texted back.

"Are you hurt, is Magic Man around you?"

"No,but it is happening in the distance. I don't want to be around there." With that Mark texted off, heading towards an ally near him. Transforming with a snap, Magic Man appeared and flew off towards danger.


         Appearing over the scene, Magic Man saw a familiar body.

"Take that you puta!"

"Oh, my. Lucha Libre."

         Lucha Libre, a well,Lucha Libre. Hailing from Mexico, Lucha Libre was disgraced from her league and never wore a mask again. Heading up north, she got her green card, and settled down in the city. But her longing for a "Golden Fight let her be noticed by the succubus, her desire for that fight was as enticing as sugar to a fly. The Succubus granted her immense powers, which she used to attack the locals of the city. Her eyes gleamed in delight at her opponent(s), who didn't react.

          For some reason, everyone didn't notice her maskless face, acting as if it was masked by some force. Mark could get through that however, her features were that of a rough, but feminine, latina. Her long brown hair flew like a Valkyrie's mane. Which didn't distract from her destruction she wrought.

         Of course she was in the middle of a fight right now, trying to "roid" out. It seemed that Mark and her match would begin soon enough.

"I forgot why I did it in the first place," Mark said before a thunder clap shook him in response," Oh yeah, because she was at her peak in performance!"

          When Lucha's longing for the "Golden Fight" swelled to a climax the first time, she was causing untold destruction to the city. Mark stepped up to take her down. After a stalemate in fighting, they came to a conclusion. They would go into a "ring match" that would determine the fate of both contestants. If Mark won, he would force her to dissipate her peak power. If Lucha won, she would not only keep her peak, but would also get Mark. Of course he won the first time, but forgot to mention in the binding contract that she couldn't do villainy again. So here he was, Lucha Libre eternally fighting him for her prize. And right now she began that quest with....
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