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Can this hero handle these corrupt divas? Or will he end up being putty in their hands?
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Chapter 2

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    by: Goodvibes   More by this author
Thunder Thighs
An electrician crippled in her job, the woman who would be Thunder Thighs was born. She wears a blue face mask and a one-piece bating suit. Bottom heavy, but not to an extreme point. Thunder Thighs is surprisingly professional given the nature of her ability.

Not only can she manipulate electricity that could rival a storm, she absorbs it. Unfortunately, the power goes right to her bottom, causing unwanted growth in her. She can shrink down however, she just needs to expend the energy built up.

A particularly unpleasant woman, Kaboom was a deranged SFX worker. Getting blacklisted due to her tendencies for explosive events. She wears a red-orange full body suit, a fishbowl-like mask covers her head, her pony tail comes out the back end. She only lives to cause destruction.

She can inflate herself towards massive proportions, her biggest being a small building. Depending on her size, it is proportional to the blast range. Consumption of various foods also affect her explosive power.

Born an orphaned, the African-American lady isn't used to the spotlight. The succubus granting her powers were not unwelcome, but it did put her on the radar for the police. She wears a deep purple,full body suit. Nothing else is describable about it,which helps in her profession as a high-class thief.

Ziggy can stretch her body over 200 meters in length, completely impervious to most physical harm, and has the added strength on her.

Red Jester
A out of luck comedian, Red Jester wanted to bring a smile onto everyone's face. The succubus granted her the ability to act on that. Surprisingly, she isn't a dangerous criminal, in fact she is more of a public nuisance. Except when she see Magic Man, then she turns cartoon love struck.Wearing a full white porcelain mask,with her suit being a female jester costume. Various finery and do-dads cover her.

The Red Jester is basically a cartoon character come to life. With various antics one would suspect a loony tune character could accomplis. She does have her limits however, as she her ability only affects herself, not reality in general.
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