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An interactive story for you to expand on. Let’s go play with those “Heroes!”
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Chapter 4

Kentaro Hedoro (MC Boy)

    by: Maria777   More by this author
“... Kentaro Hedoro.” Hedoro said, holding out his hand to Asui to officially greet her.

Asui looked at it for a moment. “Nice to meet you, Hedoro, ribbit.” Asui greet friendly. She reached out her own hand and shook Hedoro’s hand. Asui’s own hand feels soft but a little slimy.

Kentaro Hedoro is 5’8 (172cm). He has blond, crop hair with glowing green eyes. His green eyes has a black cross as pupils. He is wearing a long sleeve jacket with a Star Wars shirt underneath (The Millennium Falcon, of course ;)). Below his waist, he is wearing polyester, blue pants with yellow shoes on his feet.

Asui lets go of his hand. “So, do you want to hang out for a bit, ribbit?” Asui asked, her pretty eyes is staring up at him.

Hedoro scratched his head. “I mean... I guess. I do have a lot of free time now. But...” This is strange. Why does this short girl want to hang out with him? It is kind of out there. And her expression is making it hard to guess what she’s thinking.

Asui stared back at him, waiting for his answer. Hedoro does feel a little creeped out but not so much that it bothers him. “Well, I guess I can.” Hedoro said with little confidants. Whatever she wants to do, it seems like it would be interesting.

Asui smiled. “Thank you, ribbit.” The frog girl said cheerfully. Maybe she lonely?, Hedoro reason. No, that can’t be it. She’s too cute to stay lonely. Or is she...

Asui’s dark, green hair and yellow dress blew gently by a breeze. She closed her eyes for a moment as her bangs brush over her eyes. Her yellow dress lifted a little and Hedoro was able to get a quick peek of some yellow, stripped panties. Well, that is some tiny underwear.

Hedoro quickly looks at Asui’s eyes and waits for a moment for Asui to say something but she stays quiet. He can’t tell if she noticed him peeking. “So, uh, where do you want to hang out?” He says nervously.

Asui’s eyes snap to attention. “I know a place. It’s not too far from here, ribbit.” She seems a little excited. Hedoro sighs as it doesn’t seem like she had noticed him peeking.

“Er, cool. Where is it?” Hedoro asked. Please don’t be a villain. Please don’t be a villain. Please don’t be a villain.

Asui wants to hang out...
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