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During his first year at Beacon Jaune learned hypnosis. Now he's gonna use it for mischief
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Chapter 2

Ruby Rose

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Jaune was sitting on his bed, looking down at his pocket watch, not entirely sure who to hypnotize... and then the answer actually came right to him.

"Hey Jaune!" Ruby yelled out from behind him. Jaune jumped in a startled fear and tumbled down onto the floor.

"D-don't sneak up on me like that! Ow..." he replied.

"Oh. Sorry! I was just bored and was looking for someone to hang out with. What was that thing in your hand? It looked fancy."

Jaune held the pocket watch up in front of Ruby.

"It's my pocket watch I uh... I've been studying hypnosis and bought this to practice but--"

"That's so cool!" she cried out in excitement.

"Yeah. But I've never been able to actually try to hypnotize anyone."

Ruby pondered for a moment, then her eyes lit up.

"You can try it on me... IF... you promise I can use it to mess with my teammates later." she chuckled.

"Deal!" Jaune replied with a grin. Ruby sat down on Jaune's bed.

"Alright. Now I'm--"

"Gonna swing your watch in front of my face until I'm all hypnotized and spacey. I know! I know! Let's just get started!" she beamed in anticipation. Jaune chuckled nervously and began to swing the watch in front of Ruby.

"Alright Ruby. Just watch this swing back and forth in front of your eyes. Let it take you down into a deep trance. Just listen to my voice and let it guide you into a hypnotic slumber. Just let yourself relax and... uh... Ruby?" he questioned, looking at her in confusion. Ruby's chin had hit her chest, her shoulders were slack and she was breathing heavily. Her eyes were closed and she had a content smile on her face.

"Alright. So you're messing with me right?" Jaune said, annoyed. Ruby did not reply.

"...Fine. If you aren't gonna take this seriously then... ugh. Just get up and go back to your room."

She slowly stood and shambled out. Jaune collapsed onto the bed, annoyed. He sat there for a moment, somewhat angry that Ruby was mocking him like this. He decided he was going to go get some food to hopefully eat his sorrows away. As he left his room he saw... Ruby. She was in her room, yes. But she was just standing there, still seemingly asleep.

"Wait... is she ACTUALLY hypnotized..? If she were messing with me she wouldn't have just kept standing there in the hope I'd leave my room..." he thought to himself. He approached her and ordered her back to the JNPR dorm, closing the door behind him.

"She's... actually hypnotized. I get the feeling this will not work anywhere NEAR as easily on anyone else. Ah well. May as well do something with it to see if this works well."

What does he do?
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