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During his first year at Beacon Jaune learned hypnosis. Now he's gonna use it for mischief
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Chapter 2

Weiss Schnee

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Jaune came to the conclusion that the girl he wanted to hypnotize first would probably be the hardest target to actually hypnotize, Weiss Schnee.

Jaune had a crush on Weiss during his first year at Beacon. Now that his second had begun that crush had died off a bit, but was still there in some capacity. He first tried going to team RWBY's room, but alas Weiss was not there. Though Ruby was there, and was rather helpful in terms of finding the young "Ice Queen".

Ruby had pointed Jaune in her direction, a small clearing behind beacon. It was quiet, and isolated. Jaune knew he could count on nobody disturbing them while he was there.

As he approached, he saw Weiss training. Trying to increase her skill with her semblance. After a failed attempt, she collapsed to her knees, trembling with anger. Jaune cautiously approached her.

"H-hey Weiss... what are you doing out here?" he stammered. She looked back, glaring at him with fury burning in her eyes.

"What's it to you?!" she beamed.

"N-nothing! Nothing! It-it-it's just I like to come out here to-to... you know! It's quiet! I like the... peacefulness!" he managed to spit out. Weiss gave him an annoyed look, then sighed and stood up.

"Whatever. Just don't get in my way, got it?" she snapped.

Jaune nodded and stepped over to the side, sitting on the ground, out of her way. Weiss tried her hand at training again, and once more, failed to reach the goal she had set for herself.

"DAMNIT!" she yelled, then glared back to Jaune.

"Are you uh... trying to make it stronger?" he asked.

"No. Moron. I'm trying to make it a ballerina." she hissed, rolling her eyes. "...But I'm... having trouble focusing. That's the problem."

There was a long pause.

"I uh... I could help. With... that. The- the focus thing. I uh..."

"How do you think you could help me FOCUS you idiot? What are you gonna do? Piss me off until I FOCUS all my anger on you?" She roared.

"N-no! I learned uh.." he swallows hard "I learned hypnosis! And it can help with that! I could help you focus!"

"Thanks, but no thanks. I don't need your stupid witchcraft or whatever." she sneered, storming off. Jaune sighed. He had failed. He walked out into the center of the clearing and laid down on his back, looking up at the sky and wallowing in his failure.

An hour had passed, and Jaune had fallen asleep. His eyes slowly opened, and there, a little ways away from him, was Weiss.

"Oh. Hey." he said as he saw her.

"Hey... soooo... about that uh..." she sighed, not believing what she was about to say "About that hypnosis thing... Maybe I'd be willing to try it..."

"Oh. Like... now? I-I mean... We can do it now or schedule another time if.. "

"No. No. Let's do it now. The sooner the better. Just... what do I have to do?"

"Well, just uh... sit down here and we can get started" he said, pulling out his golden pocket watch and holding it in front of her face.

"Okay. Just watch this with your eyes. Just keep them focused on it. Watch as it sways back and forth. See the glint of the sunlight on it, making it shine beautifully. Listen to the gentle whoosh of the air brushing past it. Find that these sounds, and these sights, bring you comfort. They let you relax. Make you feel safe." Weiss's arms slowly go from crossed, to sitting neatly in her lap, and her head begins to sway with the watch.

"Take a deep breath. And Exhale. Then a deep breath. And exhale. Continue this pattern. Let it bring you peace. Let it fill you with relaxation" Weiss's breathing became more pronounced. More obvious. Her chest pulsing slowly, and her eyes beginning to squint.

"Look at the watch. You like how it looks, don't you? It makes you feel comforted. The glint of the sunlight hitting it. Like curling up by a warm fire in the winter. Feel that gentle heat on you. The warm, comforting feeling sweeping over your body. You can see the fire in the watch, can't you?"

Weiss slowly nods, a very small smile finding itself on her lips.

"Now, you feel stressed, don't you? Stressed because you can't focus. You want to fix that. You want to focus. You don't want to stress. Focus on the watch. FOCUS on it. Until it is all that you see, and my voice is all that you hear. When you reach that stage, just nod for me."

Weiss stares another ten... twenty... thirty seconds. Her head slowly bobs, confirming that her attention was clear.

"You've focused, Weiss. At least for now. But the stress makes it hard to keep that focus. You'd like to get rid of that stress. You know what creates stress? Failure. Worry. Anger. Sadness... just thinking in general. To get rid of the stress, you need to stop thinking, don't you? But that's hard. It's hard to not think. But what if I said I could do the thinking for you. Take away the stress of thinking. Would you like that?"

She slowly nods again.

"You'll find that in a moment I'm going to pass my hand in front of your face. When I do, your eyes will drift shut. When they do, you will be fully in a trance. Fully focused on my voice. Your thoughts will be gone. Held and controlled by me to get rid of your stress. Do you understand?"

Weiss nodded once more. Jaune slowly waved his hand down her face, and her head dropped. Her eyes gently swooped shut, and she was in a trance.

Jaune was taken aback. It worked. It actually WORKED! But... what would he do with her?
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