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In honor of the deleted Potty Training Tales, I've decided to, in essence, recreate it
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Chapter 8

"...Okay, I just like going poop in my pant...

    by: Just A Breadloaf   More by this author
She kept thinking about what to say, but nothing came up, and the longer she took, the more her dad would think she did it.

Eventually she decided on what to answer as she started blushing intensely. Might as well tell him while she had the chance

“Dad” she whispered “don’t tell mom but… i like to poop my pants. I like to do it at school and then clean up after myself, but i didn’t get the time to clean properly today”

She closed her eyes and blushed intensely as tears started to form, while she awaited her dads response. Her dad took some time to think of what to say, but those 15 seconds felt like hours to eleanor

Eventually her dad chuckled

“Well i guess i didn’t have to teach ya how to clean your pants then if you already know.”

Eleanor opened her eyes again

“You’re not mad?”

“Off course not. You aren’t hurting anyone, except for your panties. And as long as you clean up after yourself it doesn’t give us extra work to do”

Eleanor felt a huge wave of relief wash over her. Her dad wasn’t mad, thats all that mattered to her

Meanwhile her dad smiled seeing eleanors relief

“And don’t worry, i’ll keep your secret.”

He’d wink

“Thanks dad!”

“Anyway, its getting late. Why don’t you get to bed?”

Eleanor did so, getting into her pj’s and jumping into bed falling asleep rather quickly. She had gotten tired from all the embarassement.

So what happens next?
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2.   She has an accident in bed *

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