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Tales of a young witch girl
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Chapter 2

intro of Bibi

Bibi was a short girl of 11 years old and already knows about the witches power that she shares with her mother Barbara, after all the girls of her family are born with the witches power and they feel their power running through their bodies from the time they are born and Bibi was no exception.

Before Bibi could even speak, she felt the power surge through her, she didn't know what it was of course but she could feel it surging through out her body.

Today Bibi was fully aware how to use her powers and had indeed used some of them many times, yet there were some powers that she could NOT use until she becomes of the age of 21 on the stroke of midnight.

Bibi knew that she could change her appearance to become someone that no boys could resist, or girls for that matter, but Bibi wanted and liked her own true self, she didn't mind being short and her hair was just straight blonde and hung down to her ample bubble butt, her build was slender to very skinny, not much muscle mass but then again girls were never meant to be big and bulky, now were they .....

Bibi did notice that she had begun to look at both boys and girls in a different way, her pulse would quicken when she saw another very attractive boy or girl, yet she always thought it was funny when her parents would have another teenage girl babysit her, and Bibi would become very clingy and touchy everywhere, she just loved touching the girls soft smooth supple skin.

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