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Tales of a young witch girl
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Chapter 2

intro of the neigbors and other charakters

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There are of course a lot of neighbors in this house. Here are some examples:

The Millers: Mr. Miller and his wife are an elderly couple, very conservative and are about to complain about the smell of herbal essences coming out of Barbara’s kitchen. They live one floor below

Patty, a single lady, who also has some magical powers: She has invented some medallion which has some interesting shapeshifting powers. Neither Patty nor the Blocksbergs know about each other and that the both have magical powers

Elenore and Karl Close: They are the landlords here and need to take care of law and order inside this house

Cindy, living with her mother: Cindy is a 19-year-old girl, studding on local campus. To finance her live she is having a baby sitter job, she lives with her mother, who needs to take care of herself and her daughter all alone since her husband and Cindy’s Dad died at a tragic car accident almost 1 year ago

Which one we need to involve first?
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   Millers *

2.   Patty *

3.   the landlords *

4.   Cindy and her mother

5.   more/others *

* indicates the next chapter is blank and needs to be created.
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