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Tales of a young witch girl
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Chapter 2

just start and let it flow

    by: rosenheimer   More by this author
And the fact, that the neighbors have no idea that Bibi and her mother are witches should stay that way. Even Mr. Blocksberg keeps the secret hidden, because it is better for him and of course his family. Sometimes he has to suffer but at the end he knows he can relay and trust on his wife and on his daughter….
Currently we are the start of school vacation and this year Bibi wants to go horse riding on some ranch.
She has left with the train to reach the ranch, even so she wanted to go flying using her broom, but her parents have strictly forbidden this and they are right!
In the evening Bibi arrives at the ranch, which is called Martin’s Ranch. Bibi as anyone else expects that this name comes from the owner which is true, but soon Bibi learns that the owner Mr. Martin recently died after a tragic car accident, leaving his wife and his daughter of Bibi’s age left alone.
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