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A plethora of stories featuring a 17 year old boy named Josh and his shrunken adventures

A plethora of stories featuring a 17 year old boy named Josh and his shrunken adventures

This is an interactive story containing 253 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
I have deleted this story twice. Once over stupid frustration and the second time over trying to revive the story only to fail. This time no matter how i feel about this story its going to stay up for you; the readers. I apologize to anyone who enjoyed them and especially to everyone who contributed to it.

Your character is Josh, a 17 year old boy and depending on what option you choose, your character can range from a dumb ass to a boy genius.

The point of view can be changed, but only in ways that make sense in whatever narrative it occurs in.

Josh: A 17 year old blonde haired, blue eyed white boy.

Chris: Josh's older brother. Has started up his own Marketing business and is also a bit of a meathead. His girlfriends name is Danielle.


Jennifer: Josh's mother. A 36 year old real estate agent. Loves and cares for her children deeply. Is divorced with your father but they harbour no resentment towards each other and has a nearly paternal relationship with your step sisters.

Rick: Josh's father. A 48 year old dark haired man. Works in architectural design and construction.

Kate: Josh' step mother. A 42 year brunette woman. Is a lawyer in a prestigious firm. Has a shaky relationship with you only, but she loves her children. Is competitive with your mother.

Lauren: Kate's younger half-sister from a french father. A 30 year old music artist, and model with a large following of fans, including yourself. Lauren is competitive with Kate and likes to show you affection just to annoy your step mother. She is a very collected woman who never loses her cool.

Jessica: Josh's older step sister. 27 years old. Loves the outdoors, going on adventures and seeing the world. Has a black belt in martial arts and a fiance. Loves her entire family including your mother.
JD https://imgur.com/a/KK4o6I9

Anna: Josh's 15 year old younger step sister. Typical teenage girl. Has mood swings, mostly hostile towards everyone, and never around the house for long, unless secluded in her room.

Mitch: Josh's best friend. Blonde haired and all around awesome guy. Loyal friend. Has two older sisters named Courtney (21) and Kari (26).

Alexis: Josh's girlfriend of two years. 5' 6", Long dirty blond hair, brown eyes. 18 years old, only older than you by a few months. Very kind and compassionate, but god help you if you get on her bad side.

Additional Characters:

Megan: 5' 5", shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes. Jessica's best friend since highschool. 26 years old. Megan is a professional dancer and choreographer. She and Josh have a good relationship, with her often teasing him by telling him how cute he is just to make him blush. Which Josh doesnt mind, considering Megan is one of the hottest women he knows! His crush on her has been ongoing for 7 years.

Trish: 5' 9", breast length golden blonde hair, blue eyes. Jessica's and Megan's friend. They met in a party when Megan did a body shot out of Trish's belly button. More valley girlish in personality.

Mari: 5' 3", dyed faded blue hair. Green eyes. Tanned skin. A very close friend of Josh's. An immigrant who moved from Japan and grew close to Josh in gym class freshman year. She speaks Japanese and is fluent in english. Mari's style can be very extravagant yet simple. With her love of pop culture and her heritage, she can usually be seen wearing a piece of clothing with references to her culture or a tv show she adores.

Jordyn: 6' 0". Long curly brown hair, brown eyes. You have know Jordyn since kindergarden and aside from Mitch she is your closest friend. You are close with her family due to how often you hang out. She is a stylish girl. Wearing all sorts of attire such as sun dresses, jean jackets, tank tops, always creating fashionable outfits.

Krista: 5' 2", long dark brown hair, green eyes. Krista has a reputation for being impossible to dislike among her peers. She is shy, sweet, and very attractive. Aside from her close friends, Krista has more or less the same relationship with you as everyone else, a good one.

McKenzie: 5' 7", long straight brown hair, blue eyes. Affectionately called "Kenzie" for short, she has also known Josh since freshman year. Though she isnt as close to you as Mari and Jordyn, you are still very good friends to one another, often meeting at the same social events and sitting together at lunch. Much like Mari, Kenzie has also adopted a more tomboyish personality. Often wearing simplistic outfits such as tanktops, hoodies, jeans, sweatpants and sandals as opposed to skirts, heels, or more designer apparel. With her years as a gymnast, Kenzie's body is fit and toned like an athlete.

Sophia: 5' 6". Slightly past shoulder length summer blonde hair, brown eyes. Sophia is a very nice, very soft spoken girl with a talent for horse riding and a love for the animal. You and her dont talk much, not due to any negative feelings, but more due to general disinterest in the other. However, the thing you were definetly interested in was her beauty. But even during your days as a single man, her looks made her very intimidating for you to approach her.

Marcia: 5' 5", long charcoal, curly hair, blue eyes. A girl with a Afro-Hispanic mother and Causasian father, leaving her with soft caramel skin. She is among one of the great beauties of the whole school and is best friends with Hannah. Though she is more reserved in comparison to Hannahs harshness.

Hannah: 5' 6", long straight, light brown hair, green eyes. Hannah is the queen bee of your school. Manipulative, cunning, very intelligent and very beautiful. She comes from a wealthy family and shows it, wearing expensive clothing all the time and showing up to school in her convertible Jaguar on the daily. She hardly knows Josh exists.

Feel free to add new characters... just ensure that their arrivals make sense. Rules are virtually non existent, aside from the obvious...
-No trolling (ex. then he got big and the end hahaha)
-Leave options open unless ending a chapter that seems appropriate to end
Aside from those two, just feel free to read, relax and contribute if you feel like it. :D

Thank you to everyone that contributed so far!
bejjinks, Da Boss, JohnD, SuperKirby, Endo, NederdFox5$, Meh, MemeKing, G.Harold
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