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Girls from Danganronpa series have you under their control! And at their feet!
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Chapter 5

Lick my feet clean

    by: Michele   More by this author
“I know what I’m gonna have you do! Your going to lick my feet clean until they’re completely spotless! That is your punishment!” Lick her feet clean!? Is she serious!? Mahiru sat at the foot of the bed and gave you a stern look. She was serious! You didn’t like the looks of this one bit! “Come over here and sit on the floor, in front of me.” Your body followed, since you didn’t have control of it. You sat down on the floor in front of her. “Take my shoes off.” She said, still giving you a stern look.

You went to take one of her shoes off. You took it off her foot. Her shoe smelled so horrible! So horrible that it made your face wrinkle up in disgust. “What? Your a boy! You can handle a little stench!” A little stench she says. You saw her black socked foot that was revealed. It looked wet from sweat! It smelled terrible! You could see sock lint all over it! It looked so unpleasant! “Well? Hurry up and take my other shoe off!” You set her hell-smelling shoe, went to her other shoe, and slipped her other shoe off. It smelled just as horrible! It made you cringe regardless! Both of her black socked feet were free now. Both looking so gross!

“Now take my socks off! It shouldn’t be hard!” You proceeded to peel one of her socks off. As you peeled it off the stench tortured your poor nose! You took her sock off and set it in one of her shoes. Her bare foot was now visible. Her foot looked soaked! Like a layer of sweat was covering the length of it! There was bits of sock lint and sock hair sticking all over her disgusting foot! There was also some gross lint in between her toes as well! Her nails were polished, but they weren’t painted any color. Not to mention the smell was rancid! Just looking at her foot made your stomach turn! “Hello! The other sock now!”

You went to her other rancid sock and peeled it off her other foot. Both of her bare feet were now shown. Both her feet looked awfully unhealthy with sweat and sock lint covering them! “I’m waiting! Get to cleaning! This shouldn’t be tough for a boy like you!” You didn’t want to, you wanted to do anything but that! But your body proceeded anyways! You holded up one terrible foot. The aroma from her nasty foot was killing your nose! You then stuck your tongue out and began to lick up her foot.

From that you wanted to stop so badly! You groaned in disgust! Her foot tasted so gross, yet you kept on licking it anyways! Her foot tasted like stale, salty foot sweat! Your tongue collected all the acrid sock lint and sock hair that was sticking to her foot! You grimaced from it! You then slowly licked up her sweaty arch, collecting a lot of sweat and sock lint up her arch! Your eyes closed from the terrible taste! You hated this so much, yet you continued to drag your tongue up and down the length of her horrible foot! From heel to toes! Mahiru blushed at this. “G-Geez! Boys can be so persistent! Don’t stop! Keep cleaning!”

You kept licking her awful foot until Mahiru gave another command to you. “I also want you to s-suck my toes clean and lick between them! There is a lot of sweat and lint you need to clean out of there!” Mahiru said to you, her face looked angry but she was still blushing. You went up to her toes. She was right! There really was a lot of sweat and lint! Not to mention toe jam! It made you wanna gag from looking at it! You went and began to suck her big toe. You then really did gag! Your face cringed even more now as you sucked up all the sweat and licked out all the sock lint under her toenails! Your body swallowed all of this down, leaving a bad taste in your mouth!

You then licked out the toe jam and lint from between her toes. You retched so much! It tasted like stale, cheesy gunk with lint in it! Once you cleaned it all out from between her first and second toe you proceeded to suck her next salty toe, and then lick clean in between her next toe crevice! Mahiru kept blushing. You hear her moan from time to time as well. This continued until you finally cleaned all of her toes! “Let me see how you did.” Mahiru looked at her foot and frowned. She was still blushing as if she was enjoying you worshipping her feet. “You missed a couple spots! I should have expected much from a boy. Clean all the spots you missed!”

You started to lick her foot clean all over again, cleaning up any spots you missed! You didn’t know for sure if she was doing this on purpose or not! After a while Mahiru looked at her foot again. “‘Sigh’ Close enough. Now it’s time for you to clean the other one!” Your heart sank! Her second foot was still completely sweaty and covered in sock lint! You whimpered in your head as you started to lick her other foot! You once again slowly licked up and down her sole, tasting more salty sweat and sock gunk! Mahiru silently moaned. She was clearly enjoying this!

After a while you licked her other foot clean, sucked all of her sweaty toes clean, licked under her toenails, and licked in between her toes. After all of that her other foot was completely cleaned! Mahiru looked at her foot. “Acceptable.” Finally it was over! “Though I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson quite yet.” Your happiness fades away! What more could she possibly want!? “Maybe I should call some friends over to help me teach you a lesson!” Your heart sank! More people!? This is torture!

“Now, who should I call?”
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