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  1. Cartoon Catastrophe
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A Story that will involve shrinking cartoon characters from several different networks.
Chapter 1

Cartoon Catastrophe

    by: Haro-Haze   More by this author
Welcome to the first chapter, I know the selection process is tedious but bear with me. I'll try getting more chapters up soon so there are a few paths to follow. Feel free to message me if you're interested in adding a few chapters.

Now, which course will you choose?

Disney Cartoons:

1. Phineas & Ferb
2. Star VS. The Forces of Evil
3. Gravity Falls
4. Kim Possible

Cartoon Network Cartoons:

1. Ben 10
2. Adventure Time
3. Powerpuff Girls
4. Teen Titans

Nickelodeon Cartoons:

1. The Loud House
2. The Fairly Oddparents
3. Danny Phantom
4. Jimmy Neutron

Disney Animated Movies:

1. Frozen 1-2(When Released)
2. Incredibles 1-2
3. Moana
4. Zootopia

Misc. Cartoons:

1. Family Guy
2. American Dad
3. Archer
4. King of The Hill
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