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A group of friends battle the supernatural and look good while doing it...
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Chapter 4

The Dreamer

    by: HikerAngel   More by this author
I focused my eyes on Leah’s small breasts, and they began to grow. Slowly at first, then faster. Leah’s eyes grew wide as I stared. She must feel it. I guess that makes sense. Let’s see. They should be fuller. Her left one is a little higher than the right. Let’s even them up. Better.

Leah’s a soccer player on my co-ed rec team, so I’d better not make them too big. She won’t be able to play as well. I’m thinking some C-cups will do nicely. I make them inflate to that size, making sure that they are firm and riding high on her chest. Satisfied, I stop adjusting them.

My alarm went off.

That was such a weird dream. It was like I had the power to change reality. And I had used it to make the breasts of the prettiest girl on the soccer team bigger and nicer. I’ve had worse dreams, I guess. Yeah, as I think about it, this one was a pretty good dream. I’ll take that over my deadline-driven nightmares any day.

I got ready to go to work.


That evening, after work, I arrived at the match a few minutes late. Rush hour traffic in Portland was getting pretty bad these days. As I ran toward the field, I saw Leah out there. She really was a good-looking girl. I’d asked her out once, but she had politely declined. Couldn’t blame her. I was decent looking and had a decent job, but I wasn’t much above average on either count. Leah looked a little like Alex Morgan. Thinner, maybe. And just as little up top. But she was out of my league.

Usually I was a starter, but since I was late to the match, I was riding the bench today. Rick ran over, gassed, and asked for a sub. There were three of us. I looked to Jerry and George, but they nodded to me. I ran in for Rick.

The ball came my way a moment later. I controlled it, then passed it to a streaking Leah, behind the defender. She tapped it twice, lining up a shot. Then…. she shot! GOAL! She scored! We killed the last few minutes of the game, winning 1-0.

The team went to the bar after the game and drank our customary victory shots of Jägermeister. A few beers later, I was nicely buzzed. I zoned out a bit, looking at beautiful Leah, my gaze drifting to her chest. If only I could really make her breasts bigger as I had in the dream…

Then it happened. Just like the dream. They grew.
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