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A group of friends battle the supernatural and look good while doing it...
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Chapter 23

Walt's eyes continue to fuel Veronica's...

    by: HikerAngel   More by this author
Veronica laughed as I remained speechless and mesmerized by her eyes, becoming more hypnotic by the second. She moved toward me, leaning to give me a clear view of her burgeoning breasts which were beginning to stretching her top into increasingly interesting shapes.

“So, Walt,” she said casually as she lingered, luscious body now only inches from mine. “What do you like about the new me?”

My gaze dropped to her cavernous cleavage for an instant.

“I, uh...” What should I say? I liked pretty much everything about the new her, physically anyway.

“Well…” she said, tapping her toe, bringing my gaze down her lengthening and oh-so-shapely legs.

I swallowed hard and my voice came out hesitant, shaky.

“W-well,” I stuttered, “you have really nice legs.”

Should I say anything about my concerns about her seeming enjoyment of her power over me, over her sister? Where was Leah anyway? She must still be on the bed...

“Mmmm. Okay...” she said, clearly wanting me to continue. “See anything else you like?”

My eyes tried to rise back to her face. They simply couldn’t make it past her breasts. Her absolutely fucking amazing breasts.

“Your breasts,” I said in a low, slurred drawl that made me sound like some sort of zombie. “I like your breasts.” There. That second time sounded slightly more human and less undead. As I finished speaking those six words with what seemed like extreme effort, I breathed in again. She was so close now that her heady, floral scent was completely overpowering. I began to swoon.

“Yes, my breasts are getting pretty spectacular aren’t they?” she said pushing the soft globes into my chest.

I couldn’t respond. Those full perfect swells sent fireworks of sensation from my chest through my entire being. My powers of speech were gone. I vaguely noticed that my heart was racing as if I had just sprinted 200 meters.

“Cat got your tongue, Walt?” she said after a moment, huge eyes staring up at me, delicate finger running down along my arm, rippling another wave of sensation through me.

“Walt, there are a lot of men that would like to be the one I’m pressed up against,” she purred. I felt her hips roll into mine, touching me as they swelled into erotic perfection. Arousal surged into my cock, making it rise into unbelievable hardness.

I heard Leah give a soft yelp. Oh yeah! Leah! Please God, don’t let me cum from her sister’s touch right in front of her!

I felt Veronica’s silky calf rub against the back of mine, and I moaned audibly. It just felt sooo good. She shifted, and I could feel her hardening nipples scrape across my chest. I quivered. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out against Veronica’s sensual onslaught. My cock was so engorged it was practically bursting, her warm hips brushing against it, sending electric shocks of pleasure to its pulsing tip.

Then I felt Veronica rip away from me. As I gaped, Leah’s arm came across her flawless stomach, her shoulder driving into the supremely sexy girl’s body in a tackle. Leah’s momentum carried them both to the floor.

Leah turned her beautiful face to mine and cried out with a level of urgency I had never heard from her before.

“Run, Walt!”

I gaped for a second longer before my Veronica-addled brain processed her words. I took off in a sprint out of my bedroom, still in my t-shirt and shorts. I snagged my jacket from the hook by the door on my way out, hesitating at the doorway. Should I leave Leah here alone with her sister?

I considered. Would I even be able to help Leah in a struggle against Veronica? One look from those insanely gorgeous eyes, and I was toast. I knew it. I knew she knew it too. Leah was Veronica’s sister. She wouldn’t hurt her, right? I decided to heed Leah’s advice and take off.

I ran down to my car and put the key in the ignition. Where should I go? I could think of two possible destinations--Leah’s and Rachel’s...
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