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A group of friends battle the supernatural and look good while doing it...
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Chapter 25

Veronica turns her attention to Walt

    by: HikerAngel   More by this author
I could see Veronica’s smirk as she watched my reaction even as Rachel kissed her in helpless passion. I felt a thrill rock me, and I flung a hand to the wall to help me stay upright. Veronica was impossibly sexy, and… oh my God! How was it possible? She was still growing sexier before my eyes!

Veronica’s legs added another shapely inch… then another. I watched her take her rounded calf and slide it up the outside of Rachel’s smooth, sexy leg. Rachel’s head tilted upward as she kept her lips on Veronica’s.

I watched Rachel’s breasts bulge outward inside her shirt as Veronica’s firmer, larger breasts swelled into them.

Veronica took her slender fingers and pulled the other girl’s shirt over her gorgeous body, the cloth breaking their kiss for a mere second as it rose over Rachel’s head. She flung it to the side, leaving Rachel naked, save for her panties.

I heard a soft moan come from Rachel as Veronica’s body continued to tighten and lengthen. I think I moaned too.

Veronica wrapped her arms around Rachel’s lower back and pulled the now-shorter girl into her heartbreakingly perfect curves. Rachel gasped as her feet left the ground, and Veronica walked her into her bedroom, lowering her with ease to the soft sheets. I watched Veronica’s incredible display of strength with a hard gulp.

She seemed to glide over Rachel’s body, every kiss from her magnificent lips causing the older girl to shudder. Rachel’s eyes were closed, but her long eyelashes fluttered with every one of Veronica’s punctuations of ecstasy.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I stalked toward Veronica, drawn by the magnetic pull of her sensuality. I reached around her and pulled her over to land on her back next to Rachel, who was still quivering from escalating waves of rapturous sensation, close, probably to climax.

I lunged my mouth at hers. She gave me a Cheshire smile a split second before my mouth crashed into her heavenly lips. I savored their pillowy softness as they seemed to caress mine. I knew why Rachel had been so overwhelmed by them. And her scent. Her celestial fragrance gave me goosebumps as it bathed me in concupiscent feeling.

Seemingly of their own accord, my hands reached down to her top and tore it open. She wore no bra, and her impossibly gorgeous breasts bounced free of their confines. I suckled her nipples, feeling them harden under my suction and darting tongue, as my hands felt their way down her elegantly sloping contours.

Veronica was so fucking gorgeous. My heart raced. I couldn’t resist, couldn’t pull away. I felt Rachel stir to my side.

I felt Veronica’s plush lips push into my neck, her tongue licking my flesh. My iron, engorged cock, pressing into her smooth, slippery inner thigh, practically vibrated with excitement.

I felt Veronica moan into my neck as much as heard it, her husky purr sending vibrations through my throat.

At that moment, Rachel nibbled on my ear, sending still more fireworks of sensation into me.

My vision dimmed as blood rushed everywhere in my body… other than my head. I almost couldn’t take the pleasure, fighting to maintain consciousness.
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