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Rated: GC · Interactive · Fantasy · #2203788
Nondescript high school girls growing larger and more beautiful than those who taunt them
This choice: Kat is inspired to read another story from the book · Go Back...
Chapter 18

Kat is inspired to read another story

    by: The Martian   More by this author
Kat had no idea how long she lay there face down and sobbing into her pillow but it wasn't dark outside when she flopped onto the bed, so there was that. There had been knocking and voices a while ago but the distraught girl had not had the mental capacity to process anything other than despair at the time. Looking up through bleary eyes she saw a little note on the ground where it had been slipped under the door. Knowing her mom it probably read 'dinner in the fridge when you're ready' or something similar. When she wasn't tutting over her daughter's choices, or her appearance or some other criticism of her behavior, Kat's mom could be very considerate ...sometimes.

On their way back from the note to her tear-soaked pillow, Kat's eyes fell on a red envelope lying on her desk where she had carelessly thrown it before she collapsed. The sight of her secret admirer's card caused her to choke up again as it conjured the memory of Angelica leaning in towards Rick and her imagination filled in the rest of the scene with the worst possible outcome. The shadowy depths of the school queen's cleavage captured his undivided attention while she ran delicate fingertips adorned with perfectly manicured nails lightly over his bicep and laughed musically at whatever he'd just said. While his gaze was fixed on her impressive bust, Angelica's glossy pink lips parted in a cruel smile as she gloated over how easy it was. No boy could resist her at the best of times and certainly not when she was so close that he could probably feel the body heat of her glorious bust radiating onto his chest and every breath nearly brought them into tantalizing contact.

The scene playing out in her mind's eye was almost enough to make Kat break out in floods of tears all over again but she was distracted by what lay beside the card. The Burgeoning Book sat quietly on her desk, the light glinting off its gold-edged pages. The gears in Kat's mind began to turn. Angelica was asserting her dominance. She was trying to crush Kat by taking away something she wanted. Her makeup had been extra thick and her clothes particularly slutty today. She was emphasising her (remaining) superiority in beauty and boobs. Angelica didn't try to steal the admirers of every girl in school, this was different. Kat was becoming a rival to her and she didn't like it.

Well if Kat's development caused fear in Angelica then Kat needed to develop more, faster and better. If Angelica was going to use her boobs to entice Kat's admirer away from her then Kat's boobs needed to develop enough to bring him back. Her once tearful expression hardening, Kat rose from her bed for the first time in hours and flipped open the leather bound tome on her desk. Searching through the pages she thought about her experience with the book so far. The two stories which increased her height and improved her legs were making her taller faster than either one would have alone, so she knew their effects could be combined. Kat wanted to go one step further though. Now it was time to find out if reading the same story twice would double its effects.

A harsh smile formed on the redhead's own pretty features as her eyes alighted on the flowing script of a familiar title: Chelsea's Charming Chest.

Angelica was in for some interesting times of her own.
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