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Nondescript high school girls growing larger and more beautiful than those who taunt them
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Chapter 15

Kat's next ballet class

    by: HikerAngel   More by this author
A few days later, Kat left choir rehearsal feeling great about having nailed the high notes. She was beginning to be able to read the music as well, after a few somewhat scary coaching sessions from Herr Kaufmann. She could swear she saw the uncharacteristic hint of a smile under his bristly salt-and-pepper mustache as he had given her a slight nod on her way out.

Kat hurried home to change. She had ballet tonight, and she needed to change quickly so that her mom could drop her off. She stripped, then glanced at the mirror as she grabbed her leotard.

Well beyond “pretty” now, Kat was moving boldly into “beautiful” territory.

Her hair was absolutely jaw dropping. As she shook the lavish tumble of shimmering copper ringlets that now reached the sexy swell of her rather breathtaking derriere, she plucked a few voluminous tresses away from her face. She had honestly never seen such devastatingly gorgeous hair on anyone.

Her eyes sparkled as she rotated her face, examining its now-elegant lines and healthy complexion. Her viridian eyes seemed larger and more expressive, her every thought seeming to flow out of them. They currently beamed in happy satisfaction, brightening as they began the downward journey along her rapidly improving assets.

Smiling with full lips to reveal brilliantly white teeth, Kat’s eyes lingered on her firm and athletic, yet still willowy and feminine arms. She raised them above her head as she executed a graceful pirouette. Her mom would be so proud. Another inch of height gained through her lengthening legs was beginning to give her body the sleek lines of a proper ballerina.

She pulled her white tights upward over her long, sinuous legs to her toned stomach. Her abs weren’t visible, but she had a line of definition beginning to form down the middle. She stepped into her green leotard, her calves swelling into smooth hardness as she pointed her toes and pushed each leg through the holes. She could feel the firm muscles of her stomach working as she wriggled the tight leotard over her torso, lining up the padded cups over her ever larger and prouder breasts. Today at school, she had needed to break out the C-cups for the first time. They were a little large still, but the Bs were just becoming so tight!

She snapped the straps over each shoulder, then twisted to admire the radiant skin of her contoured back in the mirror, appreciating the fact that she had chosen the open-back ‘tard for today’s class. Her body had to be nearly as shapely as Vanessa’s now. She was still several inches shorter, but her hair blew the taller girl’s out of the water.

Thanks to the book, she was definitely catching up. Another class or two, and she would definitely have Vanessa eclipsed. Next stop… Angelica! She smiled at the mere thought of surpassing the most gorgeous girl in school. If the changes continued, however, it was only a matter of time…

“Come on, Kat! We’re going to be late!” Kat heard her mom call from downstairs.

She scrambled down the stairs, enjoying her mother’s brightening expression as the older woman eyed Kat’s attractive form beaming with pride.


As Kat entered the class, she nodded to Miss Clara, the instructor. Vanessa eyed her carefully with a scowl, as she laced her pointe shoes.

Miss Clara lined them up for centre practice, beginning with the Adagio for their upcoming performance. Kat easily performed the movements, her body seeming stronger and more graceful than ever as she flowed through the positions.

When it came time for the jumps, she managed increased height and newfound confidence in the landings that had previously stricken fear into her heart. She looked up to see Miss Clara returning what she knew must be a radiant smile as she had her best day of class ever.

When they took a brief water break, Kat saw Vanessa whispering to her gaggle of swans in the back. She wondered what they were discussing but didn’t think too much of it. She wanted to enjoy the first ballet class she could truly be proud of...
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