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Nondescript high school girls growing larger and more beautiful than those who taunt them
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Chapter 16

Vanessa's plan is revealed

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Kat soon discovered what Vanessa's whispered planning session had been about. Miss Clara called the group together and announced that they would be doing barre work, at which point Vanessa's clique sprang into action. In the blink of an eye the lot of them had lined up by the barre on the wall and Vanessa had taken the last spot at the end, leaving one conspicuous space immediately ahead of her which Kat would be forced to take. Clearly something was up but the redhead figured it was probably just so Vanessa could whisper insults and barbs to her far from the ears of their instructor. Newly confident in herself, Kat entered the trap and nonchalantly took her place beside her smiling nemesis.

Everything went well for a time and Kat found her taller, more slender form and longer, lightly muscled legs gave her a grace and strength she'd never had before. She was able to perform better than ever and hold poses for longer than she thought possible. The irritated noises coming from behind her were music to Kat's ears as she outperformed Vanessa in every exercise. It was wonderful, but it couldn't last. With one leg up on the barre and most of her weight on the other, Kat suddenly felt her foot swept out from under her and she went crashing to the ground, looking up from the floor at Vanessa who was the picture of innocence as the teacher came to help Kat to her feet. The rest of Vanessa's cronies ahead of her giggled cruelly as Kat dusted herself off and once Miss Clara was gone their leader hissed into the redhead's ear.
"Did you enjoy the view? Get used to it because that's where you'll always be; looking up at me standing above you after you crash and burn!" She punctuated the last word with a vicious tug on Kat's fiery red hair, snapping the girl's head back harshly. Kat could only glare at her and wait for the class to be over.

She felt a bit better when the time came to change from their leotards back into ordinary clothes. Kat could feel the eyes of the other girls on her and decided to take some extra time fussing with her clothes to give everyone in the room as much time as they liked to spy on her new and improved body. Just to add insult to injury, as she deliberately put on her smaller bra which was still in her bag she made sure to mutter quietly to herself, perfectly loud enough for everyone in the room to hear and with a bit of emphasis for good measure. "Looks like you girls can't be contained by those little B-cups anymore, huh?" she asked her breasts, looking down at the supple flesh clearly overpowering the bra she was trying to stuff them into. "Onto bigger and better things it seems. Hope you're enjoying the view over those cups because we'll have you under wraps again in some nice C-cups in no time."

Finally putting on her shirt, Kat gathered her things and turned around to face the room. Vanessa, who Kat was fully aware wore the B-cups she had just referred to as 'little', was seething. Some of the other girls were shocked. Kat couldn't be bustier than them, it went against the natural order of things. But the tight t-shirt she'd had since before her recent growth spurt was riding up from her waist, the extra fabric taken up with being stretched over an ample chest which hadn't been there just a short time ago. Totally ignoring the fact that she was the center of attention, Kat was the picture of innocence as she strolled past the stunned crowd towards the door. As she passed Vanessa though, Kat made sure to gather up her glorious red mane and toss it over her shoulder in such a way that its heavy length swung around and slapped her nemesis in the face. It was done in such a way that it might have been an accident, but not a single person in the room thought it was. This was a new Kat and she had grown not just boobs, but claws.
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