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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2216563
Take the roll of a tiny guy as he tries to make it big in the work place.
Chapter 1

Brief history

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You are Aaron. A young man with a small stature. You may be tiny but your dreams are big as you want to conquer the working world and be a huge success! This isn't easy though since all men are tiny but women are normal sized.

It happened years ago when a virus hit humanity hard! Well the males anyways.. they all shrank down to a few inches tall. Women on the other hand stayed the same height, but the virus actually enhanced them keeping them from aging past their prime and making it nearly impossible to not stay in good shape. Luckily men also stayed in good shape, aside from being shrunken and they also have very durable bodies that can survive being crushed and stretched and flattened....they are gonna need all the help they can get. A cure was never found... Men were too small to do much about it and women loved the new changes and never bothered with it.

Now back to you! This is the only world you've known and you've read plenty of the great accomplishments men made in the past and despite your size you are determined to be successful and respected!! You have a nice chunk of savings built up and are doing pretty damn good considering the circumstances but it is hard getting respect from women as guys are just so small now. You don't let that deter you though!

You get out of bed and do your morning stretches. You live in a large building with stores at the ground level and apartments up top. You have a nice apartment designed for tinies and it's a cozy place and very close to work! Speaking of which you better hurry or you're gonna be late!
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