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Teenager's life turned upside down as she's mysteriously shrunk in the mall.

Teenager's life turned upside down as she's mysteriously shrunk in the mall.

This is an interactive story containing 2 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Born a normal girl, Kara's life is turned upside down after her mom takes her and her sister shopping at the mall the day before her sister leaves for Europe. Shrunken down to 6 inches tall and at a somewhat malleable state, she's forced to endure the wrath of unaware friends, family, and strangers as she tries to find the person who's shrunken her and return back to normal life.

Kara Maidenhead (16) (You) Your typical highschool teenager obsessed with her grades and making friends, you quickly rose to be a shining example at your school and in your community as you've helped more than needed, wanting to make the world a brighter place. Easily one of the more popular kids in school, you could charm your way through just about anything. Not really interested in relationships or boys in general to get in the way might have helped that too; Not that you had any problems finding one, but just not interested at the moment. You share the same Blonde hair and electric blue eyes as your twin sister, which has caused a few times where they have mistaken you for one another. Made it a tad bit awkward meeting your sister's now ex boyfriend for the first time though. Even your mother has difficulty telling you two apart at times.

Karen Maidenhead (33) (Mom) Curvy, blonde hair, and green eyes, just taller than you and your sister, and the sweetest innocent person you've ever met, your mother is a wonder woman. Giving birth to you and your twin sister at the young age of 17, your mother had a bit of rough time, but managed to get through it thanks to your dad. Starting off as a teacher for the local highschool, which is now your school, she's now your science teacher, the gym coach, and sometimes the Sex Ed teacher. Constantly on her feet, she barely ever sits down. If things weren't bad enough with the sucky pay, she loved your dad with all of her heart, and when a drunk driver took him away from her, you, and your sister a few years ago, she vowed she would never remarry, caring for you and your sister all on her own. The only reason she still teaches there is the joy she gets from teaching the youth. You don't know how she's able to do it all these years, but she still makes time for you and your sister. Though, sometimes you can see through a crack in her smile, a darker side of her.

Claire Maidenhead (16) (Sister) Claire wasn't as popular as her sister, and mostly resented her for all of the attention she got, though would enjoy it whenever someone mistook her for her sister, playing it out to see how far she could take it. She's big into theater and lives to put on a performance. Recently, she's received a scholarship to travel to Europe for 6 months on a performance arts exchange program. Combined with her "older sister"'s popularity, and being picked for most of the schools plays, she easily earned it. Though she loved to watch her sister squirm when she messed with her, but always acted innocent when someone questioned her, getting away with it every time. She's become best friends with your bully Amelia. She seems to be planning something.

Barbara "Bibi" Sinclair (16) A natural bombshell that's skinny, red head, green eyes with large breasts that happens to be one of your best friends. Not on the top of the cheerleading pyramid, but close enough. She's got the classic cheerleading personality. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but at least she's passing. Beautiful as she is ditsy, she's usually followed around by some poor sap trying to get her attention.

Katherine Keyes (18) (other best friend) Your Raven black haired, Hazel eye colored, llama loving, flirtatious best friend with curves in all the right places with boobs to rival Bibi's. She has dated guys and girls alike. As fiery as she seems on the outside, she's very loving and caring deep down… like deep deep down there somewhere. You two became good friends after she saved you from her younger sister. Being put into awkward situations with her isn't out of the norm either, some almost getting out of hand before you catch yourself.

Miss Hound (41) (Teacher) Easily one of your favorite teachers besides your mom, she's sweet until someone drives her mad. She's a little lazy, usually teaching from a sitting down position. Her and your mother sometimes hang out after school, occasionally seeing her at your house.

Amelia Keyes (17) (Bully) Mean. No other way to put it. She's constantly picking on you and pulling cruel pranks on you. It all stemming from you rejecting her at the beginning of highschool. She's even gone so far to trying to open your locker to put glue on the insides of your panties, thankfully she didn't, because that wasn't even your locker, it was your mother's. You safely keep your stuff hidden away in her office. She's somewhat nerdy, getting straight A's in almost every class. She works part time in a lingerie store, specifically the sewing section in the back to repair torn pieces

Anything goes, just try to keep it f/f

Try to write more than a descriptive paragraph on chapters, one sentence chapters will be deleted.

Please grammar check and make the chapters readable. If you have trouble, please feel free to message me, I'll be happy to help when I can.

Please no pictures =)
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