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An app that can change anyone’s personality to what you want.
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Chapter 2


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You walk downstairs to you mom watching Grey’s Anatomy, drinking an iced tea. You walk behind her and realize your mom might think your weird taking a random picture of her, and you have to get the flash in her eyes. You also don’t want to bring it up right away either since she’ll think somethings up.

Alex: Hey mom
Mom: Yes, honey?
Alex: What are we having for dinner?
Mom: I was gunna make pork chops and broccoli but if you want something else you can take it out of the freezer!
Alex: Thanks, I’m cool with that though. Where’s Amanda?
Mom: She’s over at Julie’s, she got mad at me because she left her headphones in her pocket and I washed them.
Alex: How is that your fault?
Mom: That’s what I’m trying to say! And if you don’t like it do your own laundry, simple as that!.... Alex thank you for being the good kid haha.
Alex: Haha, it’s not that, she’s just crazy. She still acts like this when all you do is give
Mom: She can be, but at least she’s doing good in school. And don’t think I’m picking favorites, I love all three of you the same.
Alex: That reminds me, do you want to pose for a picture for my Instagram. It’s healthcare appreciation day and I want to post how great of a mom you are!
Mom: Sure! Just make sucking up to me for $20 less obvious next time haha.

You blush at the fact you have completely unrelated motivations than that, and start to feel guilty. But realize there’s almost no chance it works anyway so you put your worries aside. Your mom poses and you take the picture. What personality did you type?
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