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by Tisch
Rated: GC · Interactive · Adult · #2231578
Following the adventures of a medical miracle!

Following the adventures of a medical miracle!

This is an interactive story containing 17 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:

Lucas Marose (main character): Born at just three inches tall, Lucas is a medical mystery and continues to baffle doctors as he continues to live on. No doctor ever thought that he would survive this long, let alone survive birth. Now sixteen, five inches tall and attending Ridgeway High School, Lucas has not only proved doctors wrong, but exceeded the physical endurance many of his peers have. He has a tight group of friends who occasionally make fun of his situation, but are nonetheless caring for him and help him whenever necessary. Lucas also has a tight relationship with his two older sisters, Lily and Brianna, who are seventeen and nineteen respectively. And as a given, his mother, Payton, is very protective of him, although admittedly sometimes a klutz.

Payton Marose: Now forty-six years old, Payton has managed to balance parenting, maintaining her curvaceous body and work perfectly, even without a husband. Given Lucas’s special condition, she takes extra care in looking after him. When she’s at work, Payton counts on the girls to make sure Lucas is safe and secure. Despite her age, Payton attracts men of all ages with her smooth, tan skin, flowing brown hair and knockout body. This is sometimes a danger for Lucas when his mom is distracted with something, as she has accidentally squashed him a few times, trapping him in places he’s too embarrassed to admit.

Brianna Marose: The oldest sibling of the three at nineteen, Brianna is attending a local four-year university but lives off campus at the house. Ever such the cheeky prankster, Brianna likes to use Lucas’s height disadvantage for easy pranks, often putting him in sticky, awkward positions and having a good time while he suffers. It makes it all the better for her knowing that Lucas is adept under immense pressure, even more so than the average sized people. Regardless of her cheeky nature, Brianna loves her little brother and would do anything to see him succeed in anything and everything.

Lily Marose: The middle sibling of the Marose children, Lily is a senior at Ridgeway High School. Although sometimes having some fun with Lucas and his situation, Lily tries to take more precaution than Brianna when it comes to handling Lucas. Despite this, Lily is the klutziest of the bunch and accidentally messes with Lucas more so than she would like. Even though this is the case, Lucas understands and the two of them have an extremely tight bond. Since they still go to the same school, Lily is always there to help Lucas if he gets in a pickle at school, which happens a lot since there are so many chances for problems to happen at the large school.

Sydney Bloomquist: Lucas’s closest ally aside from his siblings, Sydney is the same age as he and is just as protective of him as his family. Although on the shorter side of the spectrum at only 4’10, she’s still massive compared to Lucas and uses this for good, using her size to protect Lucas whenever necessary.

Aimi Ito: A petite and quiet girl, Aimi is a fourteen year old Japanese transfer who recently arrived from the crosstown high school, Dragford. Although mostly unacquainted with most of the students at the school, Aimi has taken a special interest in Lucas and tries to snag him to hang out with her whenever possible. Lucas, being the friendly guy he is, goes along with it and hangs out with her, but sometimes he feels she can get a little possessive and is fortunate when either Lily or Sydney shows up to retrieve him.

Quinn Daniels: A gifted athlete with even more gifted assets, Quinn is somewhat of a bully to Lucas, constantly showing her superiority over him whenever she feels like it, whether it be throwing him in her sweaty and smelly gym clothing or tossing him in her shoe, or whatever it may be. Lucas tries to avoid running into Quinn whenever possible, but inevitably he will, given they share three classes.

Brittany Shoa: The traditional popular girl, Brittany often has a clique of girls around her at all times. Even though her and Lucas share nearly all of the same classes, along with the same lunch, Brittany remains indifferent about him. Or she’s unaware of his presence. Either or. Even though this is the case, Lucas often finds himself gawking at her flawless looks, forgetting that it’s the personality that counts the most.

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