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  1. The Set Up
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What if a company had the ability to change everything about a person?
Chapter 1

The Set Up

    by: Homer J Simpson   More by this author
Radeon Scientific is a multi-national company with their fingers in pretty much everything. They have contracts with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, they run long-term studies to see how people handle new situations, and they can even give you a fresh start as someone completely different.

The current stories are as follows:

1. A 15-year-old year old boy takes part in a long-term study in order to remedy his family’s financial troubles. How will he cope?

2. A police officer in Miami finds himself turned into a Mexican woman to infiltrate an up-and-coming Mexican cartel. Can he complete his mission without getting pulled into the world of crime?

3. A terminally ill millionaire is looking for a new life. He pays Radeon to turn him into a teenage girl. Is he ready for the life of a teenage girl?

4. A young couple witnesses a gruesome murder; they're told they must enter Witness Protection. Can they survive?

There are plenty of other stories to be told. Feel free to create one.
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1.   A Family's Financial Woes

2.   The Miami Underworld

3.   A Second Life

4.   Witness Protection

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