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by batjap
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After the succes on deviantart, a story where Ash turns in Kukui and Burnet's daughter
Chapter 1

Burnet's wish

    by: batjap   More by this author
After hearing of Ash returning on Melemele island, and also discovering about his third grand trial victory, professor Burnet decided to prepare a big dinner to celebrate the young trainer success, and so she took a day off from work to prepare the party. She knew that Ash would have returned home a bit late that night, so she made sure that everything would be perfect. After finishing the preparation, Burnet took a moment to relax while admiring Alolan night sky.

"Being Kukui’s wife is the best, and having Ash around I feel just like a mother. This family life sure is wonderful.” Burnet said to herself with a big smile on her face. Then suddenly her expression changed in one a bit more sad "Still Ash is not my son and someday he will leave and this will all change. If there was only a way for him to stay as...”. Burnet almost could not finish the sentence because she thought her idea was way to crazy. However she then took courage and said it "'... as my daughter".

In that instant, a shower of shooting stars appeared in the sky. Burnet saw them and decided to take advantage of them “Well since I am daydreaming, I wish Ash could be our daughter, with the same energy, kindness and character of now, but more intelligent. I wish she could be the best student of the school, wishing to follow in her parents footsteps as a pokemon researcher but also an excellent pokemon trainer. And with a great interaction with her parents”.

Only after finishing her thoughts Burnet realized how much she had talked, and so she decided to stop daydreaming and to wait for Ash. Unknown to her, in the middle of the shooting tars there was a Jirachi, the wish pokemon, and it heard Burnet's wish. Sensing the kind spirit of the professor, it decided to make her wish come true.

In that moment Ash entered the house "I'm home"
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