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read the bigger description because its to much to put here also feel free to add more
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Chapter 2


    by: Supmcsup   More by this author
Ok now sense the beginning can bit borring for some people what if the "upgrade" of Return by death happend later into the story cuase lets be honest the beginning can be a bit borring with Subaru not 100% the situation and such

Choice 1
Frist death at the mansion alot of interesting chacters around there?
Choice 2
He dies via the white whale when otto pushs him off cuaseing his existence to dissappear like everone elses
Choice 3 after betteguse(pettlegues wich ever one suits you) takes over Subaru and he die via feilx/jullis (can't rember wich one)
And betteguse possession power and RBD some how combine into what i said at the beginning
Choice 4
his suicide after seeing rem's comotaste after she fought arch bishop of gluttony
Choice 5 is othee location wich you can think are interesting
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