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  1. Beginnings of a curse
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Someone is cursed to swap something
Chapter 1

Beginnings of a curse

    by: Hobbitking   More by this author
Not too many people knew of Anna Blackwood and those who did wish they had never encountered her. Legend has it that she was over three hundred and fifty year old witch. As such she had witnessed humanity at its worst, though also at its finest. Since the start of the modern age, she has been left homeless, having no modern forms of identification and as such she lives off the generosity of strangers. Something that has become more challenging as time has gone on.

Still she had faith people could change and that they might become more generous with the right push. So every time someone doesn't offer her a warm meal, or place to stay, or even offer her change, she curses them to swap something with someone else. What that thing was changed every time she did the curse and the curse usually lasted as long as it took for someone to learn their lesson. Some people she knew would never learn their lesson and so the swap would be permanent. Though if people showed her compassion, she was also willing to reward them, by allowing them to take whatever they desired from someone else.

Given how long Anna had been doing this for, she sometimes made a game of it. She would knock on random people's houses in the middle of the night asking for a bed, beg for money to catch a bus or even asking someone to use their restroom even when she didn't need such things. She had changed many people's lives over the years and some had become better people others not so much, but it was better than turning them into toads or pigs like the old days. The only people she never targetted were children, though it wasn't unheard of for her to punish the parents instead.

It never took her long to find someone though, it was always a matter of why she cursed them, then she'd figure out the how.
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