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by demon
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2260062
You are a human who will meet deadly penises

You are a human who will meet deadly penises

This is an interactive story containing 5 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You are a man who will be sucked into a magical dimension where you will be locked in a room without being able to leave

you will have the ability to be elastic, but you will have pain, you cannot be torn or destroyed, you cannot die too, you can be stretched endlessly (with pain)

People are going to want to have sex, because they are usually hungry for sex because of their ability to kill anyone they fuck except that they find out about you is determined to do good by serving you (even if some of the base are straight) they have no mercy on you and won't care because they are in serious need.


no death;
no woman;
allowed to play with the waist;
you are just the passive;
the others are only assets (possible of a giant active and passive couple and you who are used as a condom),
respect the characters who are described;
respect the previous chapters;
no end of chapter.

Here are some characteristics of deadly penises (possible to add):

- penis too big
- penis too long
- penis too long and too big
- ultra hard penis that can pierce anything (except you)
- too powerful sperm can pierce anything (except you)
- man or giant anthro with giant penis or giant non-standard penis
- too heavy anthro (which crushes its partner)
man or anthro with powers that during the act cannot control.
used the site http://en.inkei.net/ for penis size (except anthro and animals

Here is some character please keep these characters as indicated:

superman: superman is straight, but can't have sex in lois lane, serte they had a child, but they had to put the sperm in an egg in an artificial way, because clark can't put his sperm naturally in laws because ejaculation will have killed laws. Superman already has a penis as hard as the rest of his skin, he does not feel the friction, but he manages to exist thanks to his super-hearing, his penis is very stiff when it gets aroused and become impliable like a metal baseball bat, ejection of semen is very dangerous, because it can all through like super powerful laser . Superman does not control these powers during the act so he will go back and forth with his super speed, but also he will squeeze you in his hands with his super strength so that a normal person will have broken bones. has the place where he has superman's hands, but also the broken pelvis from every time superman's pelvis hits the other's pelvis.

hercules: ultra hard penis, his penis can cross the hardest rock is the most unbreakable as if he goes through a lump of butter, so he kills all these partners from the start, moreover, Hercules no longer controls his super-strength.

goku: goku can make love to women except that he has to control this which means that he is in serious need, because he has to control that force, his ejection. All sayen love to make love by changing stage (transformation) because each stage gives them more strength, more sensation, more desire and each stage increases the power of the sperm. So imagine goku in divine super sayen stage making love when we these a divine super sayen can destroy universes.

vegeta: identical to goku except he is a huge bully, he loves to finish in style, because he likes before the end to push all his penises and once all the penises and whole inside, he turns into a giant monkey for penis to forcibly grow inside and then continue before becoming a giant golden monkey

hulk: When bruce makes love the excitement makes him turn into a hulk which is very dangerous because hulk's huge penis already does a lot of damage but hulk and very violent and very strong

Elephant or rhinoceros: there are elephants and rhinos which are big, but also elephants and rhinos which are super-muscular, both types have a hard skin and above all are too heavy that when they make love barely begins as their partner and as flat as a tattoo on their (big stomach or muscular abs)

horse or donkey: all types of horse (donkey included) have enormously long and big penises

sharko: you are the same height as zig (from the video), sharko and very muscular and very strong, when he fucks the whole planet is shaking.

But that is not all, it also has in the piece 2 identical voodoo doll, these dolls are made with the same material as the condom, but they are unbreakable and super elastic, the 2 dolls are also made for you to looks like, because as I explained they are voodoo dolls connected to you, which makes that all those that they arrive to them also arrive, but the reverse is not possible, and why 2 identical dolls, because in reality on the 2 dolls he only has 1 hole which is not in the same place, the first doll the hole is the mouth to pretend the doll is sucking the penis, the second doll the hole is in the ass to make as if he buggers the doll, this is done so that the person can choose the hole without their penis coming out of the other side and without the sperm coming out too, the 2 dolls are 15cm high, so imagine that one normal person with 20cm comes to bugger you it hurts you and imagine that he buggers your dolls it will do you even more bad, because these as if you take a giant with a 20 cm cock and you do 15cm

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