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  1. Last Will and Testament
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Skye has lost everything because her cheating late husband died owing taxes.
Chapter 1

Last Will and Testament

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Skye fidgeted in her seat as she waited for her late husband's lawyer to come in and read his last will and testament. Fat lot of good it would do, she'd already found out that he owed an anormous amount of taxes and she was being evicted from her beautiful home, having to sell her dog grooming business and all of her lovely french furniture. If she could just get her hands on his neck! May he rot in Hades!

Mr. Baxter came in and sat straight in his chair, folding his large hands around a bundle of paper.

"I know we have already read the main will, but there is a special clause in it that I was instructed to read to you after you had a little time to grieve for Mr. Phillips."

She was fuming and cursing Ryan under her breath and told the lawyer to just get to it.

"Mrs. Phillips, your late husband has left you something that was very near and dear to his heart and the only thing the state cannot take away from you", he squirmed in his seat, "Who'd want it anyway", he said in a low voice.

"What? I couldn't hear you." She leaned forward so she might hear him better.

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