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Review of showering acts of joy

Part of the SAJ garden;

Overall impression of piece: Not the brightest most upbeat thing on WDC. I get this feeling. Its like being in a car and not going anywhere until you have some idea what might be the best way. Yes, life can be spinning your wheels

Grammatical and spelling errors:Seems ok

What I liked? *Smile* You take us step by miry step into the pit. I sense and feel every step of this progression. I see myself immersed in darkness might be a final line. I think you can have darkness and still be ok. Nobody liives in perfect light. I think when you live in light, it is a supernatural occurance. It is not natural

What I disliked. Something to think about. *Thought*: The world has no hope. I am not sure if anyone wants to hear that, even if its true. Even coping with darkness and God has left the planet gives something and I think we need that. I think this sounds like a prelude to suicide as a title. I think death can come before death. I think it happens often

How the piece made me feel: I read how you make sense of things. I can't really feel where you are going with this. it does make me question choices in my life and why or why the don't ,work. This has kind of a TS elliot feel to it. It defined a generation. I am not sure what came out of that.

Hope this helps. Use my ideas as your creativity alchemy deems fitting

Writers write to understand and to be understood. Pass on the gift of reviewing today.

Michaelfrom Mountains
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