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Review of The Vagrant  
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#1919085 by Osirantinous


Your title is short and sweet - simple and tells the reader what the poem will be about - A vagrant, or tramp as we would say in England. The title insinuates that this will not be a happy poem, although it could be, depending on the content I suppose!


The poem is about a homeless person as he goes about his day. It is a sad poem and although it is quite short and does not go in to a great deal of depth about the character or of the issues of homelessness in general, it forces the reader to consider the subject which is being addressed here. Whilst not being overly sentimental, the writer seems to be trying to be empathising with the vagrant - whom she has perhaps watched in the park one day and wondered about. In turn, the reader is left to wonder about him too.


I thought your imagery was very powerful and actually made me feel sad for your nameless character once I had finished reading - nameless in fiction of course, but there are many, many people who fit the description of this character in real life and perhaps that it the saddest thing. You seem to have captured the loneliness and sadness of what it must be like to live such a life very well. Your descriptive lines allowed me to picture the character and form an impression of him ( I am presuming a male of course although the poem does not state this - I guess it could be a female equally) ad his life.


The only line which I find confusing is:

"gather up your scissored strings
for you have sinned."

Scissored strings? Cut up pieces of string which he collects perhaps? Or maybe this is a metaphor for something. The sinning, I suppose he could be an ex criminal or something although this does not quite seem to fit with the rest of the poem.


I enjoyed reading this poem and thought that the imagery was very powerful and emotive in general, although was a little confused by verse two.

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