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SantaGrams! ~C-Notes~  [E]
SantaGrams are here! Send your holiday cheer now! Get angelic! Get Down! Get Fuzzy!
by ♥Pay It Forward♥
Review by Sally
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Hi there,

*BurstB* I'm here as part of the WDC Power Reviewers Raid, and the Disability Writers Group Raid, this weekend. *BurstB*

*TreePine* It's so nice to see some Christmas/Holiday cnotes here, and these are the first I've seen. It is my first Christmas here at WDC
so I'm glad I will be able to send Christmas cnotes to the friends I've made.

*TreePine* The notes all have traditional images of the holiday period: wreaths, stockings, Christmas trees and my favourite, a rather funky
Santa Claus. They are all very cute and very sendable. I know I'd be glad to receive, as well as send, one.

*TreePine* You include the traditional messages in some of the cnotes e.g. Happy holidays. I really like it that some do not have messages on the
front so that they can be personalised inside. This makes the cnotes appealing to a wide audience in our community.

*TreePine* I like too that we can opt to include gift points with the cnote - everybody likes to give and receive a gift!

*TreePine* I will definitely be using these Christmas cnotes nearer to the festive period. They are in my favourites now so that should show that I
really like them!


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