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Losing the Light  [13+]
Forced Endings and Beginnings
by ♥holiday tHiNg♥
Review of Losing the Light  
Review by Sunnie
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Good afternoon, I thought I would stop by for a little visit and I stumbled across this poem. And I absolutely love it and I enjoyed it from the very beginning to the very end as you really do have a way with words as you weave your web of words so clever that really draw me in as you really do know how to show more than just tell and you paint a very clear picture of what you want your readers to see and know. This is a very heartfelt poem and it has truly touched my heart. I did not see any errors in your poem at all and I love the way it made me feel. Keep writing and keep sharing.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2179228