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 Midnight Shade  [13+]
A dream or Something else? -wc 419
by rjsimonson
Review of Midnight Shade  
Review by Angus
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Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
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I’m reviewing this as a "The WDC Angel Army Angel and to thank you for all the reviews you've done and do on this site!
Bon jour, rjsimonson, and happy 14th *Shock2* ‘birthday’ on here!
This is pretty good for a short FF horror story. First off, it’s a very original concept, and original concepts aren’t easy to come by in this day and age, especially in the horror genre.
Second, the ending, although not entirely original, still came as a shock, which also isn’t easy to do these days.
That would indeed be a wild way to wake and have 'Grandma' sitting there telling you it wasn't a dream at all, and then to find yourself staring at that same tree with your skin draped over its branches!
I wonder if it was a CHRISTMAS tree? *Laugh*
It was just a tad bumpy in places where you repeated the word 'tree' sentence after sentence, but the spelling and grammar were great! Having Grandma 'calling' you all through the episode was also a nice touch.
A couple of tiny niggles (sorry to be so picky!):
‘When I finally reached where (I’d) seen her...’
‘...woke up in my cozy little bed (with) Grandma beside me in her rocking chair...’
Otherwise, bravo!
Kee ponw ritin gon, rjsimonson, and may you have many more wonderful ‘birthdays’ on WdC!

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