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 True Grit Scene Spoof  [13+]
What if Mel Brooks directed True Grit and gave John Wayne trouble with a certain Phrase?
by BIG BAD WOLF Is Merry!
Review by Angus
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Rated: 13+ | (5.0)
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I’m reviewing this as a "The WDC Angel Army Angel and to thank you for all the reviews you’ve done and do on this site!
Howdy, Big Bad Wolf, and happy belated 10th *Shock2* 'birthday' on here!
It's been a while since I watched True Grit, but that didn't make any harder to follow along with this.
This is great, and being both a John Wayne and Mel Brooks fan, I would have loved to see them team up to film that movie! *Laugh*
You did a great job with The Duke as he took care of business with that censorship fella, as well as those idiots on those other sets that he 'didn't like anyways'. *Rolling*
Just a darn shame that he never got to finish his line!
The spelling and grammar was flawless, and I was laughing all the way though!
Kee ponw ritin gon, BBW! Thanks for the laughs, have a fiendishly fabulous Halloween, and may you have many more wonderful 'birthdays' on WdC!

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