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 Brave Imagination.  [E]
In a world where everything is all too real one boy dares to imagine.
by Scifiwizard
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I’m reviewing this as a "The WDC Angel Army Angel and to thank you for all the reviews you’ve done and do on this site!
Guten tag, Scifiwizard, and happy 10th *Shock2* 'birthday' on here!
I remember seeing that video for this newsfeed challenge (and I even went back and watched again just now! *Bigsmile*), and you did a great job of capturing that here. I watched that kid running from those birds and those monsters (even though they looked friendly), and I love the way you used that as an analogy for this young man running from to escape having his dreams taken away!
Sadly, in some countries that's exactly what's happening! Our imaginations are we what we thrive on, and nobody has the right to take those or our dreams away!
Very well done, my friend! And that ending was perfect! Just goes to show what one little boy and his imagination can do!
Kee ponw ritin gon, Scifiwizard! Thanks for sharing this, and may you have many more wondeful 'birthdays' on WdC!

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