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Flip Fiddle  [E]
A novice mage buys a fiddle that makes skeletons flip and regrets the purchase.
by Slam
Review of Flip Fiddle  
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Rated: E | (4.5)
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Hello there, Slam!
I'm not sure how came up with this idea or how you made it actually work as a story, but it's pretty good!
Cork did have very strong points there about how the fiddle wasn't working to his satisfaction, but unfortunately that sorceress was apparently ready for his arguments.
It's a wonder she didn't have a 'SOLD AS IS' sign on that fiddle! *Laugh*
Nice job, Slam! The spelling and grammar were flawless, and the whole piece read smoothly.
I think I'm going to have to peruse your portfolio and see what else you've got hiding in there!
Kee ponw ritin gon, my friend! Thanks for sharing this, welcome to WdC (again!), and have really groovy Halloween!

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