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 beautiful me.  [E]
sometimes is just about life and the way you act.
by Mxliikaah
Review of beautiful me.  
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Greetings, Malaika!
I like this, and I think it says a lot about you as a person, especially for only being a 'typical' teenager! *ThumbsUpL*
I totally agree that we should and need to make the best of our short time in this realm, because we probably aren't going to get a second chance (depending on what you believe in). To me, and apparently you as well, life is enjoying the simple things and doing the things we want to do, instead of bowing to conformity and being a slave to the wills of other people.
That's one thing I learned early in life: don't ever let anybody change who you are! I've seen that happen to a lot of my friends in my 54 years, and it saddens me. Unfortunately, it usually happened after they got married. Don't get me wrong; I know people have to 'share' their lives when they 'take the plunge', but that's a lot different than letting somebody change (or mold) you into someone you're not!
Well said, Malaika!
The spelling was great, but I think you should capitalize your 'i's, unless you did that on purpose. And the style you wrote it in was a little different, but I'm pretty sure you did do that on purpose!
Kee ponw ritin gon, my friend, and welcome to WdC! If you like to write, then you're going to love it here!
PS-You might want to get your bioblock (biography) set up so we can know a little something more about you (hobbies, favorite books/authors, location, etc.), but that's up to you, of course.
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