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 Spawn of Dagon  [ASR]
An alien encounter on a strange and loathsome planetoid
by Graywriter
Review of Spawn of Dagon  
Review by Beholden
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Rated: ASR | (5.0)
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(Don't gush. Remember, no gushing!) That was a bit of a laugh.

But seriously, I've read some of your other stuff before (and not just the No Gushing rant) and there's no doubt you can write. Which saves me the hassle of pointing out grammatical or technical errors (although I have to point out that the word is "lying" when prone on top of the armour. "Laying" is something hens do). But you have to accept praise where praise is due and the fact is you write very well.

This particular piece sets out in the header that it is satire and intended to be funny therefore. So it's no surprise to find that it is indeed funny. Goal achieved, I'd say. And the twist at the end is excellent, thereby satisfying the rules of the contest for which it was written. It also doesn't surprise me that it didn't win that particular contest. Much depends on what the contest owner is looking for and the clue to that is in the prompts. If the prompts are pedestrian, that also is what is expected of entries.

Anyway, I liked the tale and it only remains to decide on a rating. I know - I'll annoy you by giving it five stars. *BigSmile*

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