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#1 - The Greek word for "action."

#2 - A real situation or succession of events having the dramatic progression or emotional content of a play.

Dreams - the stuff of inspiration. You, as a writer, can mine your own dreams for dramatic inspiration. Dreams are full of high drama and situations that don't happen in everyday life. If you can harness your dreams, your dramatic inspiration will be unlimited.

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Many good writers use their dreams for inspiration. Dreams allow us to escape. When we're awake, our logical responses take over - we act as we're expected to, moderating our responses. Ah, but when we dream, Queen Mab takes over. We do superhuman things, yell and fuss and enjoy excitable relationships.

When we model characters inspired by people around us or even in the movies, what can easily fall by the wayside is the emotional subtext. Dreams give you, the writer, access to the emotional truth your characters need, offer new ideas, and create powerful images which can inspire.

Since dreams are fleeting, the best way to capture them is by using a dream journal. Keep it close by and date it before you go to sleep. After your dream, write down all that you can remember in your journal.

To help organize your dreams, use folders based on genre, such as romantic dreams, scary dreams, etc.

When you write about your dreams, use quick words to capture the emotion. Sad, mad, glad, hurt, scared can be used for this. Then, once you're fully awake, expand on those emotions. Did the dream arouse you? Did you feel alienated? Happy? Confused? Scared? Take the intensity you felt and put it into your character's emotion.

Here's an example prompt:

DREAM: Running on the rocks
HOW USED: Running away from someone after me
TITLE: Getting Away

Dreams can help you bring insights, emotions, images, and creativity to your dramas if you let them.

Has a dream inspired you? Write in and tell us. If you have a static item inspired by a dream, send it in.

The next two scenes for our working play, "War and Wine," have been added. Feedback welcome. There's only one scene left to add now.

War and Wine  (13+)
Young Edmund Huet struggles to maintain his family's vineyard during World War II.
#1452559 by SpookyB

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Results of the Hot Drama Poll for SEP/OCT

QUESTION: What shows are you watching because you consider them good "drama?"

#1 - House
#2 - Dirty Sexy Money

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ASIN: 0312311532
ID #109634
Product Type: Book
Reviewer: SpookyB
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Amazon's Price: $ 18.99

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Great newsletter, Steph. Smile
You're so right when you say adding shadows to a character deepens it. Just like in painting. Two dimensional anything seems like it has depth. Smile

Great analogy. I agree - it's like a painting and the more shadows, the more depth.

SpookyB is a 911 Dispatcher for LAPD. Her story, "The Watch Tower," was an Honorable Mention in the 77th Writer's Digest Writing Competition. You can find her story in the HORROR SHORT STORIES folder in her port here on WDC.
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