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 This week: Order of Events
  Edited by: Dawn Embers
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About This Newsletter

Romance/Love Newsletter by Dawn

Things don't always go as planned or in a specific order when it comes to romance. This newsletter takes a glimpse at writing a story where things don't go as the character expected.

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Letter from the editor

Lately, I've been rewatching How I Met Your Mother through Hulu as it lets me watch the shows when I want and doesn't lose track on which episode and such since I have my own profile set up. Don't worry, we won't talk about the drawn out nature of the show leading up to that ending cause yeah, that's a whole different newsletter on promise and pay out. Instead, one episode in particular has sparked this particular discussion. If you haven't seen any of the show and plan too, sorry for any spoilers.

The main character of the show, Ted Mosby, is trying his best to find love. He wants to get married, have kids and design their house (since he is an architect). However, things don't work out well for him. Of course, if it did there wouldn't be much of a show if things went great right away. The episode that caught my attention in particular is one where after his mother gets married, again, he goes through a little bit of a self crisis. Ted disappears for a couple of days only to reappear in order to show his friends what he had done in that time.

Ted is a romantic at heart but in some ways he tries too hard. He really wants things to go to plan, that he'll have a wife and two kids, reaching his perfect life goals. However, when that plan doesn't come to fruition, he then decides to take matters into his own hands by doing things a little out of order. Instead of getting married, since at this point in the long long series he is single, he buys the house. It's not quite what he dreamed about but he also is an architect so those issues will get worked out later. The main point besides trying to give spoilers is that the romantic guy has a plan but he ends up having to do things in a different order than expected.

What can we take from this?

Romance doesn't have to go in a particular order of events even if the main character is trying to follow a set plan. In fact, that can help add to the conflicts and struggles the characters go through as they work their way through the story in order to reach the developed romance/love.

Even with writing you can do things out of order even if the end result gets put in the planned structure. Some of us can write start to finish and only that way but there are others methods. Sometimes it can help to write out of order. Maybe you're stuck on a particular scene. If you don't know how to get the characters from one point to the next but you know a big scene later on in the story, go ahead and write that later scene first. Get things going even if it's out of order and not according to your original writing plan.

Try it out. Write a scene out of order. Or have your story happen where things don't go as the main character planned. Maybe the couple end up having kids before getting married. Or the point of view character might have planned to get certain things in their career or dreams in place before falling in love but then someone comes along and changes all that. You could even have someone be engaged before really dating (I'm working on one of those). There are many things you can do with an out of order romance.

Have fun with it and write a romance.

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Ask & Answer

Have you written a romance where things go out of order for the main character?

Last time for the romance newsletter, I discussed seasonal affects on people and their relationships. Here is a comment sent in response to the previous newsletter:

Comment by WakeUpAndLive~No cig for me!
Thanks for the NL. Seasonal holidays can affect romance as I told in my second romance story. I think I beginning to like the genre. *Smile*


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