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 This week: Fool's Gold
  Edited by: GeminiGem🎱
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About This Newsletter

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it. ~Robin Williams

‘Have fun’ is my message. Be silly. You’re allowed to be silly. There’s nothing wrong with it. ~Jimmy Fallon

I have complete faith in the continued absurdity of whatever’s going on. ~Jon Stewart

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Letter from the editor

Bouncing Dog

Recently, I watched a comedy special that featured a comic who was a British feminist. I can't tell you her name right now, mainly because I can't remember it. Never mind, it doesn't truly matter for the purposes of this newsletter.

This comic didn't skip the sarcasm but also made excellent use of extreme silliness to get her points across. As much as love me some good snark, I admit that it was her silly bits that stand out in my mind. It was amazing how her foolish actions made her comedy shine. The comedy was her vehicle for getting her social injustice messages across, and she made me think about my role as a female...all while laughing at her crazy antics.

I won't forget what's-her-name any time soon.

That brings us to the use of comedy in your writing. Even if you don't write what you may consider "comedy", you can still use touches of humor here and there. I watched an action movie this weekend that had a fair amount of violence in it. If that had been all there was to this movie I certainly would not have enjoyed the film. Luckily, there were lots of small, humorous moments in the movie. If the character only showed his unwavering moral code and penchant for beating up bad guys, I would have tuned him out. But a funny character with an unwavering moral code and a penchant for beating up bad guys? I am all about that.

Don't be afraid to channel your inner goofball. Not only is the silliness entertaining, but it can ease tension in a scene, can make a character more likable, or can help highlight a serious message in a more palatable package.

Use humor in your writing like you just discovered fool's gold.

GeminiGem in Red
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Editor's Picks

 Rocky [short story]  [13+]
A 1000-word flash fiction piece, about canines saving the universe from an insidious foe.
by Mikibits

 Mourning a ruined Sweater  [E]
A prized possession's early demise..
by SilverMoon-DD

So You Want Snow!  [18+]
Lack of snow gets Norm in trouble.
by dragonwoman

Soup 'n' stuff  [18+]
A cautionary little tale of soup, kick-boxing and ... well, y'know, all that kinda stuff.
by deemac

 DTC Communicator Article  [E]
Newspaper article and photo for fictitious newspaper.
by Soldier_Mike

 Any Juice Will Do  [E]
A song inspired by running out of fruit juice. Trying to keep some humour during Covid-19.
by Choconut

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Ask & Answer

Is silly humor just for kids?

In "Comedy Newsletter (November 18, 2020) I asked if you laugh at your own jokes.

From: eyestar~
I so hear you! We all have a different funny bone and some of us are darn serious! LOL Great job on the entertaining newsletter.

Aw, thanks! I take that compliment very seriously.

Sometimes one laughs at their own jokes.

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

From: Lilli ☕
Yay! Another trinket and another wonderful newsletter!

You aren't paid nearly enough as President of My Fan Club.

From: Steven, Rejected By All
Yeah, I do laugh at my own jokes. Sometimes, it's deliberate - to annoy my children, for instance - but sometimes it's because my filter skips.
Written, not when I'm writing it, but reading it back... yeah. If it can make me laugh after I thought of it and then wrote it, then I know it's going to work as a written joke.
Well, that's my story, anyway...

I love that you laugh at your own jokes to annoy your kids. That is some strong parenting, right there.

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