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 This week: New Year, New Thoughts, New Poetry
  Edited by: RedWritingHood♡WDC
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

"Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary."

Khalil Gibran

"A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds."

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Word from our sponsor

Letter from the editor

New Year, New Thoughts, New Poetry

Happy new year! And what a year it's been! And by the looks of the first week of 2021 it's not likely to be much better any time soon.

Much of it we have no control over—others we do. My philosophy is always: take care of what you have control over and let go of what you don't.

You always have control of poetry and how you use it. So that is my challenge for you this month.

If you are:

--stressed and need catharsis

--bored and need something to occupy your time

--angry, happy, lost, confused etc and want to share those feelings

--angry, lost, confused, etc and want to find a way to try to compel change

--have some poetry flooding your mind and need it to burst forth

--just want to write a poem

To assist you in your endeavors, I'm sharing a couple of forms. Enjoy!

RemyLa Rhyme Form

This is a newer poetry form. Laura Lamarca is the inventor of the RemyLa Rhyme form. She named it after both her daughter and herself.


--Stanza count: 4

--Line count total: 16 (4 lines in each stanza)

--Rhyme in the following format: abca defd ghig jklj

--Meter: syllabic in the following format: 8/10/12/8

--Stanza 1's last word = first word of stanza 2.

--Stanza 2's last word = first word of stanza 3.

--Stanza 3's last word = first word of stanza 4.

--Stanza 1's first word = last word of stanza 4.


--topic, theme

Riddle poem


--Describe your subject, just don't name it in the process.


--Topic, theme

--Stanza count

--Line count

--Rhyme or not


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Editor's Picks

Theme: Remyla and riddle poems

Hush  [13+]
Finding peace ... (Form: RemyLa Rhyme Form) A River of Poetry Entry
by 🌓 HuntersMoon

 RIDDLE - Old English style  [13+]
A classic old English riddle. Can you solve the riddle on your own?
by Manuel

 Yellow Against Black  [E]
A poetic riddle about a... Well, take a guess! The answer is in the poem.
by ES Morgan

 Gazing  [E]
A Day 3 RemyLa Rhyme entry for the Winter '10 Rhythm & Rhyme contest.
by Jace

 What am I?  [E]
A riddle or a poem? Or alittle of both?
by I.J.Parks

 Riddles  [13+]
More than what meets the eye, riddles can be dark and twisted
by Cecilia O'Malley

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Comments on last month's newsletter:

From: JCosmos

Comment: Your root canal poem inspired me to send you three of my dental poems. I have had about 10 root canals in my 65 years and am doing one right now. Hope you enjoy these poems

Dental Torture Blues

Sitting in the dental chair
Undergoing dental surgery
While the dentist probes
And tortures me
With his instruments of pain

The Frank Zappa song plays over and over
The torture never stops
The torture never stops

And I think of the mad dentist
In Little House of Horrors
The Jack Nicolson character
Who screams Pain is good

As he assaults his patients
Doing root canals
Without anesthesia

And so I endure the torture
Of the dentist
In the vain hope
I can save my teeth

Until the next time
I undergo dental torture
The song faces away
And I slowly recover

Then as I leave
I am confronted with the bill
And the song roars back to life

The torture never stops
the torture never stops

From: JCosmos
Comment: two more dental blues poems

Bad Teeth

I have bad teeth
Really bad behaving teeth
All my life I have battled my teeth

And many crooked dentists
Have gotten rich off trying to fix
These damn crooked teeth of mine

I always wished I could have perfect teeth
Perfect vision
Perfect hearing
Perfect athletic body

But instead I have crooked teeth
Bad vision
Bad hearing
And an uncoordinated body to boot

Thus is my fate
And I have learned to accept
These damn crooked teeth
And my visits to crooked dentists

More Dental Blues

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

Have to go to the dentist
For my twice yearly torture session

In order to save my remaining teeth
I must endure the never ending pain

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

I must have known over 100 dentists
During my 61 years around the sun

Some were good, some were great
A few became friends
A few became enemies

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

All tortured me
Saying it was for my own good
To save my crooked wicked teeth

My teeth are bad
Wicked, misbehaving

Rotten to the core
And always have

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

I tried orthodontic braces
As a child
Gave it up as an adult

Did everything except implants
So many crowns
So much dental work

My teeth are gold plated
Monuments to the dental artistry
I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

A few dentists were exceptionally good
A few exceptionally bad
A few were crooks by and by

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

My current dentist is good
He keeps the chit chat down
Does not lecture me on his political views

Imagine having a dentist praise GW Bush
Or Trump taking your forced silence
As acceptance of his right wing views

Imagine a dentist talking endlessly
About her children’s latest escapade
While drilling away

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

And imagine a sexy dentist
Or hygienist working away
As you think of her in bed

And can’t get that thought
Out of you head
As they drill and poke

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

Yes I have a love hate relationship
With dentists
Can’t stand them
Can’t stand the pain

But they save my teeth
And save my smile
And so I forgive them
One and all

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

From: Monty
Comment: A thank you for the time you spend on the poetry News Letter I like Carl Sandburg's statement.

Thank you so much for sharing the dental poetry and your comments! They both made my day *Delight*

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