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 This week: Stonehenge Not Set In Stone
  Edited by: Annette
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About This Newsletter

Dear readers and writers of mystery, I am Annette and I will be your guest editor for this issue.

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Letter from the editor

Stonehenge Not Set In Stone

Stonehenge. One of the most visible and enduring enigmas of our time has been solved by archeologists who claim that the structure was moved after being set up originally.

A larger circle called Waun Mawn was recently unearthed in Wales, and archeologists want the pieces of the Stonehenge we know to fit into that other circle like misplaced puzzle pieces of history. One of the stones of Stonehenge fits into a hole at Waun Mawn, which archeologists think is proof that Stonehenge started out over there.

Why Stonehenge and why Waun Mawn at all? Light. The best reason modern humans can give for those circles is that they were built in relation to the Summer Solstice. The center of each of those circles was lit a specific way on Summer Solstice. If you were to stand inside of Stonehenge on Summer Solstice, the light would not look right. This is because some of the stones fell over and are no longer set up with the original care.

So, what does Stonehenge moving even have to do with writing?

Writers are everywhere. Archeologists are writers who find ways to make their stories more believable then others because they pair up their suspicions and ideas with rock solid evidence. At least there are stones in evidence that need writing about.

Take a page from archeology and come up with your own mystery around stones in your neighborhood or stacks of stones just about anywhere.

Editor's Picks

Halloween at Stonehenge  (13+)
Three Antiquities students encounter the spirits at Stonehenge
#2209362 by flyfishercacher

Rule Britannia  (13+)
A secret Society, Stonehenge, & a very special ceremony. Bk item for 14-7-1 Contest Rd. 2.
#1546673 by Soldier_Mike 🎺

Stonehenge  (E)
This belongs to "I'll be There for You."
#1094997 by KC under the midnight sun

 The Stonehenge Element  (13+)
Sometimes the elements speak a strange language, who knows how it will end...?
#2085593 by Mr White

 Stones and Silence  (18+)
A college senior discovers he's much more than he ever thought he was.
#963470 by Miranda Foix

 No Fences  (E)
I couldn't build a fence if I tried
#1219586 by ridinghhood--p. boutilier

Solstice At Avebury  (13+)
Young love at the Winter Solstice. Written for A Romance Contest ~ Winter.
#2180495 by Choconut

Battle Royale  (13+)
Celtic lore says King Oak and King Holly battle every solstice...
#2143762 by Genipher

A Celtic Festival and Blessings  (13+)
An entertaining Celtic Festival, grain is blessed and couples unite.
#1781349 by Redtowrite

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Ask & Answer

Replies to my last Mystery newsletter "Fascinating Mummies What can go wrong if 59 mummies get unearthed in October 2020?

dragonwoman wrote: I continue to be fascinated by mummies. I watch several shows on the History Channels about new ones being studied.

WakeUpAndLive wrote: Thanks for your newsletter about mummies. Fascinating subject, indeed!
“If Egyptian pyramids where in India they would be Temples and mummies would be prayed as Gods” ― Dido Stargaze

jolanh wrote: An ancient disease could combine with covid

Yson wrote: It's on my bingo card so...

Matt 2021 Dean wrote: An investigation?

Paul wrote: It depends on whether or not they become Zombies. Hopefully they won’t see a new dawn before December.

Bilal Latif wrote: No toilet paper? No problem.

Steven, Alone & Lonely wrote: Look, the way the world is right now, what will probably happen is the mummies come back from the dead and start to attack people in order to spread the curses of Egypt until Brendan Fraser can save us all, because the man is a Goddamned legend. However, despite all the destruction they'll do and the countless lives lost, three things will happen:
1) a huge chunk of RWNJ Trump supporters will say they don't exist, then when ta number are killed by them, will admit they exist, but claim that Trump has defeated them;
2) a large number Leftist Loony SJW types will demand equality for mummies and go to join them and, even as they're being ripped apart, will blame the Right for their predicament; and
3) the mummies and their curse will fade into the background of white noise that is 2020 until all we come to think of it not as 'the Mummy Apocalypse (Mummocalypse)' but as: "Last week sometimes."
What? Cynical? Me?

Mikel Bardsdale wrote: Scared people. There could also be quiet, amazed and enjoying people like me.

TJ likes Cadbury eggs & Peeps wrote: Oh my! What's that smell!

indelibleink wrote: If there are only, say 55, daddies, well, it could get ugly.

Madwriter wrote: A plan to stop a disaster could go aria, or some thinking far worse could spring forth from the previous problem.

TheBusmanPoet wrote: They become unwrapped exposing their decaying remains. *Vomit*

elephantsealer wrote: Those mummies will end up dying of coronavirus!!!

Anna Marie Carlson wrote: We may get all wrapped up in bandages by all 59 of them. What a scary thought.

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