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 This week: Matchmakers
  Edited by: Dawn Embers
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About This Newsletter

Romance/Love Newsletter by Dawn

Between life experience with friends and iconic moments like the beginning of the movie Mulan, I have a few things to say about matchmakers.

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Letter from the editor

Matchmaker, matchmaker, find me a spouse. The song is a little catchy but I am not sure that I have anyone in my life that I'd trust to help match me up with someone with the goal of a romantic relationship. Though one of my friends already joked about maybe matching me since we aren't a match with each other. Just getting together to work out a little in an apartment gym, she put out a random comment about how maybe me and the other girl could maybe be a match since we both want to have kids in the near future. Kinda awkward when meeting a potential friend/acquaintance for the first time.

The matchmaker is a common character with many different personalities and success rates within stories.There is one that stands out in my memory above any others and she's not exactly a good character or even successful in making a match. I'm talking about the iconic scene with the woman in the animated version of Mulan (I haven't seen the live action one). The whole role of that character is to obverse girls going into womanhood and determine who would be their match. She doesn't really have a successful or even close to good day when interacting with Mulan. The fire didn't help, or the tea to the face. However, in some ways maybe she was correct because she based her insult on what was expected for a match. Mulan was not suited for the typical. It took a lot of non-typical actions or decisions for her to find the match that granny approved of so well when he stopped by their home at the end.

While that's the main one that comes to mind for the role, that doesn't mean there aren't many others. It can be a friend, a relative or even a stranger. It could be a matchmaking service like the one on How I Met Your Mother who tried to find a wife for Ted. There are plenty of options and ways to use the match making character and action of trying to get a match within a romance story.

So, there is the character but what about the action of trying to see someone as a match. Think about how your character will feel going in when it comes to a potential match session. Do they know that it is a set up? Or did the matchmaker keep it a secret? Are they trying to make it work to the point they will look for connections? Or are they not particularly interested?

Or... is the writer the matchmaker for the romance characters? How do you make a match in a story?

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Ask & Answer

Does your story have a matchmaker?

Last time I discussed flowers in connection with romance. Here are a couple comments sent in about the topic including a favorite flower:

Comment by Bikerider
I found your May 6th Romance newsletter interesting, and thank you for highlighting my story.

I used daisies in one of my romance stories, making them the favorite flowers of the male character. I also used cornflowers with blue star-shapped blooms in another where they covered the female character's grave. Flowers add color and scent to a scene but they also add emotion.

Comment by Quick-Quill
Gerbera They are my favorite for their colors. Carnations with their pungent smell are my favorite to receive.


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