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About This Newsletter

On September 1, 2021, WdC is turning 21 years old. This issue will give a quick overview of what to expect and how to get involved. *Party*

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Letter from the editor

Birthday week is always an exciting here at WdC. After all, it's not every day you can say you hang out on a platform that's been around for 21 years and still going strong. Celebrating birthday isn't just about how our favorite site has stood the test of the internet. It's about why it's held its own in the depths of cyberspace.

It's because of you.

Yes, you.

Without the caring and compassion of our WdC community, it wouldn't be the place it is. Of course, WdC came to be the place it is because of the Storyfamily's dedication to making this site the place we want to be. Birthday week is a chance for us to celebrate both sides of the equation.

Alright, enough mushy stuff. Let's get on to the celebration!

One of the hallmarks of birthday week is NEW STUFF. As a lover of all things shiny and collectable, this is one of my favorite parts. It's possible I was born part crow.

I can't tell you what new toys we'll get this year. It's always a heavily-guarded secret. But I can remind you what happened last year!

2020 saw the introduction of the fancy custom awardicons, including a set that was specifically for the party celebration.

We received a whack of new merit badges, including "Kudos", "Today is your day", "Believe you can" and "Follow your dreams".

We received a whole bunch of new emoticons, including:

*Avocado* *Cactus* *Clap* *Facemask* *Party* *Sloth* *Cookie5* *Popsicle* *Mindblown* *Sneaky* *Scared* *Yikes* *Frank* *Mummy* *Zombiehand* *Grave2*

The sloth one isn't used nearly enough, in my not-so-humble opinion.

But that's only half the story. Or maybe 1/3 of the story. I don't really do math, so let's agree there's more to the story and carry on.

Birthday week had ELEVEN contests and SIXTEEN activities geared specifically toward the event. Exclusivity is the name of the game. There will be some events you will only see during this specific week...which means you only get their rewards once a year. And you'll likely see a few event hosts lose their marbles and throw big-time prizes at you.

While I can't guarantee this year will be the same, we also had a ton of other bonuses last year, including:

*Bullet*increased daily review rewards
*Bullet*extra free badges to give away
*Bullet*other gift point bonuses

There will be a running celebration theme, and there is sure to be something to entice you. Between all the contests, raffles, activities, and games, there's a lot to choose from. But remember, you only have seven days! Jump in and get involved before it's gone!

Editor's Picks

Watch the newsfeed for the Party Central link!

Plan your week:
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See if you can double your fun:
The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
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Want to find more contests?

Contest Clues  (E)
List of WdC Contests, Challenges, and Fundraisers. Clues To What's Open, What's Not!
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Writing Contests @ Writing.Com  (E)
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