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 This week: Halloween
  Edited by: Annette
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About This Newsletter

October was always the least dependable of months … full of ghosts and shadows.
--- Joy Fielding

It's as much fun to scare as to be scared.
--- Vincent Price

Word from our sponsor

Letter from the editor


Night time festivals are celebrated in many cultures around the world. In the USA, October 31 is the chosen date when people expect children of all ages to roam the neighborhoods in search of candy. The battle cry, "Trick or treat" is taught even to the youngest child and promptly rewarded with candy.

Halloween has its roots in very old cultures that predate Christianity. Some find Halloween offensive for that reason. Others find the evening offensive because they have a bunch of strangers trampling across the front lawn like they own the place. Many people just like the fun the evening provides. Not everything has to be true to its roots to be genuine in the moment.

Many cultures and festivals were nearly forgotten because they were handed down through oral traditions or only present in festivals. Just like the people in the olden days found reasons to come up with festivals, writers should do too. We get the benefit that our festivals have a chance to stay genuine since we are writing them down and determining the rules.

The rules of Halloween are pretty much defined by what the local homeowners association will allow. Maybe what the municipal code allows. The rules of your fictional festivals don't need to worry about that. Can you invent a fictional festival that is so pervasive that it takes the world (or at least a good chunk of it) and becomes a ritual that people enjoy over and over?

Is Halloween a night full of fantasy and wonder or just a nuisance to you?

Editor's Picks

Zombie Graveyard  (E)
A zombie goes trick-or-treating
#2259500 by Bobby Lou Stevenson

Not Just Another Ghost Story  (E)
If you look closely at the upper right hand window you will see something looking at you.
#2258481 by Bubblegum Jones

The Encounter of Spooky Boo Katie  (E)
A Spooky-Boo awakening story of Halloween Night, for the Writer's Cramp Contest 10/03/21
#2259433 by One Solitary Voice

Inheritance  (13+)
Don't believe everything you read
#2235549 by Words Whirling 'Round

Bo, Sprinkles Halloween, Calico Cat Cafe  (E)
Bo Bunny and Sprinkles, the unicorn spend Halloween at a Calico Cat Cafe.
#2258824 by Princess Megan Rose

The Castle of Doom  (13+)
People visited the castle's maze on Halloween to get a scare, this time it was terrifying.
#2139415 by Jeannie

Halloween Battle in Shibuya  (13+)
A demon witch from another world comes to conquer.
#2235098 by Kotaro

Luck of the Draw  (13+)
Psychic foster teen Julian Beaufort finds himself in the hands of serial killers.
#2258736 by Rehtaeh Daens

 Happy Haunting  (13+)
a dark visitor who only comes on Halloween
#2258382 by Long John Silver

Not So Scary Halloween Contest  (E)
Capture the spirit of make-believe frights in an unscary short story.
#1591034 by Annette

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Ask & Answer

Reply to my last Fantasy newsletter "Smoke and Mirrors

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful wrote: Why not use both Actual Magic And Slight of Hand Tricks?

Good idea!

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