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 This week: Handy Handedness
  Edited by: Legerdemain
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About This Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to help the author hone their craft and improve their skills. Along with that I would like to inform, advocate, and create new, fresh ideas for the author. Write to me if you have an idea you would like presented.

This week's Action / Adventure Editor

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Letter from the editor

Handy Handedness

If you've ever hurt your hand, you know how this is; you suddenly feel so uncoordinated trying to accomplish the most simple tasks. So those right handed people reading this newsletter, raise your left hand and use it!

So for a fun tongue twister...try to read this newsletter aloud and quickly, hahahaha. There are four types of handedness: left-handedness, right-handedness, mixed-handedness, and ambidexterity.

Right handed is the most common dominant hand. In baseball, coaches often decide pitching and batting by the handedness of the team player coming up to bat. Many tools and musical instruments are designed for right handedness.

Left handed is more common among men than women. I also read that lower-birth-weight and complications at birth are positively correlated with left-handness. An excess of non-right-handedness in schizophrenia is demonstrated as an empirical effect. One systematic review concluded: "Left-handers showed no systematic tendency to suffer from disorders of the immune system". (Love that Wikipedia, there's a story in there somewhere.) Fourteen of the top twenty career batting averages in Major League Baseball history have been posted by left-handed batters. Black magic is sometimes referred to as the "left-hand path". Kangaroos and other macropod marsupials have a left-hand preference for everyday tasks in the wild.

Cross-dominance or mixed-handedness is the change of hand preference between tasks. In other words, a person could write with a pen in their right hand but bat baseball lefty. A person who is cross-dominant can also be stronger on the opposite side of the body that they favor; for example, a right-handed person can be stronger on the left side. Cross-dominance can often be a problem when shooting or in activities that require aim, although athletes can still achieve success in sports that require accuracy, like passing in American football and shooting in basketball.

Ambidexterity is exceptionally rare, although it can be learned. A truly ambidextrous person is able to do any task equally well with either hand. Those who learn it still tend to favor their originally dominant hand. Some days I dearly wish I had this talent.

So with your dominant or non-dominant hand, Write On!

This month's question: Have you ever been forced to use your non-dominant hand for a length of time? How did it make you feel?

Answer below *Down* Editors love feedback! *Heart*

Editor's Picks

The Writer's Cramp  (13+)
Write the best STORY or POEM in 24 hours or less and win 10K GPs!
#333655 by Sophy

DAILY PROMPTS are found in posts with these words in the subject line WINNER AND NEW PROMPT

Daily Flash Fiction Challenge  (13+)
Enter your story of 300 words or less.
#896794 by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon

A new prompt will be posted every day in the forum at the bottom of this page at approximately 11:00 pm WDC time. (Eastern US time). The prompt will have the date of the next day, the day it is due. After the prompt is posted,you'll have about 24 hours to post your entry.

 Left Hand of the Artificer  (13+)
Short story inspired by a song.
#2285977 by Zed Reilly

Excerpt: A long time ago, in an era long lost in the froth and tumult of human history…

The final ruby fell, glittering as it tumbled in the scant starlight. It’s kin, lying below in a pile accumulated over millennia, seemed to vibrate with the tension of a long-awaited release. The world held its breath as it tumbled through the air, tiny facets reflecting the light of long-dead stars.

 Egg: the Smoke Dragon  (E)
The Easter Bunny has left an egg... Suitable for 4 - 6 year old children.
#1770369 by Louise Wiggins is Elizabeth

Excerpt: It was a bright Easter morning. Fred was just coming home from taking an Easter Basket to his grandmother who lived across the street. He was really proud of the basket because he dyed the eggs himself. When he got to the front steps, he found a pink box like a shoebox, but bigger. He had just opened the lid to see what was inside when his friend, Charlie, walked up.

 Tin Star  (13+)
A robot detective has to bend the law, when all humans have left.
#1161230 by Kotaro

Excerpt: I know that we’re programmed to feel naked if we have nothing on, yet I was a little amused when a robot with a tux, white silk shirt, black bow tie, and platinum cufflinks walked into the building. But, most of all, he had pseudo hair on his crown. That’s going a bit too far. He’s got a screw loose in my opinion. Myself, I like to give an image of being ready for action: a brown leather jacket over a charcoal gray pullover, a pair of jeans, and a sandy fedora.

 Will-a-Wisp  (E)
A one-legged man in the forest with Willa-nearly loses his way. (700 words)
#2268227 by Joto-Kai

Excerpt: Gripping the sweat-slick walker, I hopped, one-legged, into the wooded night. Willa led me out where fewer street lamps lit the way. I steeled myself to hold the questioning, no matter what. I needed to drink in the moment, to content myself to admire the way the leaves rolling ahead of us reflected the fire in her hair and the earth tones of her overskirt.

Portrait of Peace  (13+)
Sometimes humor is the only answer
#2091525 by Lornda

Excerpt: Rays of light reflected off the pool of water in the middle of the cavern. From all directions, rocks jutted out like fingers reaching for some unknown object. Olivia stood in front of the portrait, puzzled as to what her mother ever liked about it.

“When did you get here?”

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Ask & Answer

This month's question: Have you ever been forced to use your non-dominant hand for a length of time? How did it make you feel? How do you use that in your writing?
Answer below *Down* Editors love feedback! *Heart*

Last month's "Action/Adventure Newsletter (February 15, 2023) question: What are you passionate about? How do you use that in your writing?

Beholden : Thank you very much for including my short story, "Uriah and the Tagman, among your Editor's Picks.

As for what I'm passionate about, geography is high on the list and history scores well too. I love motor racing but it's not an area that offers any ideas for fiction - its actual drama is always much better than anything you could dream up. As I get older, I find myself caring more about all sorts of things. I guess the truth is I care about whatever I can get a story from.

~Lifelessons~ : conveying other's emotions. Living in their shoes and expressing the journey

TheBusmanPoet : Everything I do, I do with a passion that pales in comparison what a normal persons passion may be. I take it to a whole other level. *Smile*

Thankful Sonali WDC POWER RVW! : Teaching, writing, postage

Cloud : Im very passionate about my art, whether it’s traditional pencil art, or literature art. It all brings me so much joy what I can write or draw what I can’t say. I’m also very passionate about equestrian horse back riding!

kingoffjer: Life’s nothing more than one long string of decisions. Analyzing my own as well as others has always been fascinating to me. What influences these decisions? How do they affect us? What do they say about who we really are?

My passion is treating every individual like a Monet painting. Guarding my heart and staying loyal to what I think is the hard part.

Adherennium Foolish Fellow : The one thing that matters most to me is care. We should care for each other more. We should care for ourselves more. We should care more about all we do. Someone who cares, is someone I will admire.

Leslie Loo : I’m passionate about writing.

oldgreywolf scribbles : Life. Learning. Education. Probability.

Sammy : Writing is the only thing I enjoy doing.

Jruns890 : Running and writing (not at the same time of course 😂)

Moonstone : Writing, reading, listening to music. Playing/watching games.

david : mathematics.

Liz Mason : Passionate about life. Love travel, hiking, photography, my daughters, my Burmese cats, but most of all I enjoy reading and writing. I’ve completed two fiction novels but recently spend my time editing them both!! One of these days I’ll pluck up courage and find a beta reader!

Crystal Dragon : music, writing, rights and freedoms, communication, learning, listening with an open heart

Bearclaw : Family, Friends, Writing, and Reading Westerns.

Hector Scofield : The power of stories

Dragonfly : When I'm writing, it's writing, bringing life to my Oak Gall people is my favorite

When I'm singing and dancing to Oldies R&B, cleanses the soul

When I'm consoling a family member or friend, it's focusing only on those moments, passionately filling those moments with love, empathy and compassion, nothing else matters

When I'm sad, crying and can bare no more, I shed away as many tears needed, however long it takes

When I'm happy and laughing, I laugh with all my heart and rejoice in the moment

When I give my love, which is very guarded, it is passionately, with all my being

Quiltedpen10! : poetry, folklore, and fairytales

louisa : The golden age of hollywood movies, reading a great book, and art

Thanks for the feedback!

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